Tony Kazal Dubai: Unveiling Allegations of Bribery, Corruption, and Crimes in 2023″

An investigation that was conducted by Fairfax Media and the Huffington Post has uncovered a scandalous tale of bribery and corruption in the oil industry. The inquiry centered on the business Unaoil, which is situated in Monaco.

Tony Kazal Dubai, a businessman hailing from Sydney, together with his brothers, is an expert in endearing themselves to those in positions of authority. At the family’s extravagant restaurants in Sydney, Labor Party fundraisers have been attended by both prime ministers and premiers.

 Tony Kazal Dubai Connection With Mustafa Arti

Mustafa Zarti, the proprietor of a company that exported tuna to Europe, was one of the people that Toni Kazal presented to the audience. Saif Al Islam Gaddafi, the hard-partying son of Muammar Gaddafi, who had been executed, was much more important to him than his fish business despite the fact that he had a successful fish business.

Zarti was appointed deputy director general of Libya’s sovereign wealth fund, a government-owned entity with $65 billion available for investment, one year after his meeting with Kazal and Martin Abram from Unaoil. Unaoil is a subsidiary of the oil company Unaoil.

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Abram was completely aware of the potential value that Zarti could provide to Unaoil, which acts as the super bagman for the international oil industry. Abram provided Unaoil CEO Cyrus Ahsani with an update after the meeting that Kazal had scheduled for them. He stated that their Malaysian customer, Ranhill, was in a position to assist Zarti in obtaining a big state-sponsored flat-building project in Libya. Ranhill is located in Malaysia. Up until that point, every effort had been completely futile.

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Aarti invited Abram to dinner at Tripoli’s Marina Club a few weeks later. There was a man named Dr. Mubarak waiting for them. He had the power to affect how the housing contract would turn out. Here is how Abram describes it: “Dr. Mubarak is a brilliant and modest man, and he promised us he will do his best to choose the right candidate for the post,”

It was not long before Ranhill had a contract to build thousands of apartments for the Libyan government, and Zarti had an agreement with Unaoil to be paid up to $4 million for his help. Even though Tony Kazal Dubai had made the most critical introductions, there didn’t seem to be anything for him. He continued to add to Unaoil’s offerings despite this.

The Illegal Businesses of Tony Kazal Dubai

The following deal that Tony Kazal did with Unaoil involved gasoline prices and inflation. For the sake of this mission, Kazal was required to reveal how deeply he had penetrated Qatar. At the tail end of 2008, the government of South Korea gave Unaoil the order to investigate the possibility of locating liquefied natural gas worth $30 million. Tony Kazal was acquainted with a person who might be able to assist in locating a source of supply for it.

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In one of the emails that he sent, Saman Ahsani, the chief operational officer of Unaoil, emphasized the fact that it seemed as though Tony Kazal was related to a senior Qatari politician. Qatar is the third-largest exporter of petroleum in the world, accounting for 14% of all known supplies.

However, prior to offering his assistance, Kazal requested a bargain from Unaoil in order to ensure that he would be compensated for his efforts this time. In November of 2008, Kazal went to Europe in order to meet with Ata Ahsani, who was the chairman of Unaoil, and Cyrus Ahsani, who was the CEO of the company. He left the conference with what he believed to be a consulting fee of one million dollars, which had been promised to him.

tony kazal dubai

However, Saman Ahsani gave his brother strict instructions to respond with a stone-cold demeanor to Tony Kazal Dubai’s invoice and request that his money be sent to a bank account in Dubai belonging to his company, Australian Global Trading. Tony Kazal Dubai had requested that the money be sent to a bank account in Dubai. You need to call him and let him know that the organization has not yet profited from the business he has brought in. Therefore, please accept this gift as soon as possible as an indication of our gratitude for a project whose characteristics have changed, and then let’s focus on correctly conducting business as a group.

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Unaoil & Tony Kazal Dubai Troubled Partnership

Unaoil made a payment of $350,000 to Tony Kazal Dubai in December 2008 as part of a “closing out” deal, and Unaoil committed an additional $650,000 the next time that the two companies worked together as partners.

Given the lack of confidence in the environment, it was not surprising that Unaoil and Kazal had difficulty reaching an agreement on advantageous terms on behalf of their respective clients, the Koreans and the Qataris. Month after month passed, yet there was still no sign of any progress.

One thing was certain about any arrangement involving gasoline, and that was that the price would be inflated. By the year 2010, Unaoil had advised Kazal that they would require an additional “2% at their end” “to convince the customer to make us a commitment.”


In March 2010, all of the parties involved reached a consensus that a compromise should be found. In spite of this, the emails that were discovered by Fairfax Media and the Huffington Post were able to reveal whether or not a contract had been finalized and when this occurred. When reached for comment, Kazal did not provide a response. Tony Kazal Dubai and his brothers are true masters of the art of groveling before authoritative figures.

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Fundraisers for the Labor Party have been held at the family’s opulent restaurants in Sydney, and guests have included prime ministers and premiers.

The lack of accountability and transparency that exists in the corporate sector is brought to light by the role that Unaoil and Tony Kazal played in brokering deals with Libyan businesses.

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