Customer Reviews On Total Home Exteriors Inc.: Report 2023

A roofing firm that cheats its clients out of money, abuses its employees poorly and doesn’t pay them. Total Home Exteriors Inc. in South Carolina possesses all of these characteristics.

Address: 104 Peninsula Dr, Anderson, SC 29626.

Total Home Exteriors, Inc. was founded by Tim Marchbanks.

Total Home Exteriors Inc. is run by Tim Marchbanks. Strangely, there isn’t more information on him on the web given that he’s been at the helm of this company for 20 years.

Why would a business owner want to keep things secret if doing so would help win its customers’ trust?

Tim established this roofing business in the 1990s, and he has been its only proprietor ever since. I was unable to locate any additional information about the man.

I can’t speak to how successful he is as a business owner, but I can say with certainty that he is not an ethical person. Total Home Exteriors has a lot of negative reviews that make it seem like Tim is not a very good roofer. More on this in the next part of my evaluation of Total Home Exteriors Inc.

Rude to their customers.

This reviewer was advised by vinyl siding contractor Tim Marchbanks that his services would cost $9,000. Any rotten wood discovered throughout the operation would be replaced at no additional cost. Tim, however, went back on his word and demanded an extra $300 once the job was done.

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He informed the inspector that he had discovered further rot and that, as a result, he had to go above and beyond the terms of the contract to replace the affected wood. The reviewer claims they were never warned of such potential problems by Total Home Exteriors Inc. Furthermore, they were not informed of any hidden fees.

The reviewer criticized Tim, saying he should have informed them of the extra time and money earlier. And they certainly didn’t want him to try and change the price on them after the fact.

Tim conceded that they should have been advised of any necessary precautions. But when the reviewer didn’t readily accept the new price, he became angry. If the reviewer can tolerate that, he can too, he informed them. In addition, he began to infer that the reviewer was being dishonest by not readily consenting to the project’s escalating expenditures.

The reviewer wanted to see for themselves what Tim had done beyond the scope of the contract, so they brought him to the site to show him off. He kept saying that he didn’t realize they were “that” kind of people and that the same line “if you can live with it then I can live without it” kept coming out of his mouth.

Tim Marchbanks said that the reviewer’s father had questionable morals and that the family had stolen $300 from the reviewer. Then he began arguing that the reviewer was making things up and that he had told them before adding the extra $300 to the contract.

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That’s certainly not the way any reputable company handles its clientele. Especially when it was the company itself that erred. The reviewer gave $300 to Tim as he requested, but he was quite dissatisfied with Tim’s treatment of them and their father.

Certainly, such conduct is extremely unprofessional and repulsive. Tim’s disdain for their father extended to his insults to the reviewer. Why the reviewer didn’t ding him with a single star is beyond me.

The BBB’s Details on Total Home Exteriors, Inc.

Total Home Exteriors has a perfect A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you might think they are a reliable company. But you’re wrong.

Companies can pay up to $10,000 per year for BBB certification and access to the reviewer platform.

By securing BBB accreditation, businesses can shield themselves from negative reviews and maintain a high rating regardless of how they conduct themselves.

CNN Money had begun looking into this shady business practice. It was discovered that scams and illegal businesses might get A or A+ ratings from BBB solely because they were accredited by BBB.

Therefore, you should not put any stock in Total Home Exteriors’ perfect BBB rating. They are making payments to the review site in exchange for maintaining their perfect score.

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Taking Advantage of Insurance Companies for Financial Gain

According to this Total Home Exteriors review, the company provides false information on insurance claims. They make an effort to cheat the insurance company out of money by exaggerating their losses. The writer stresses the importance of double-checking all aspects of working with this company.

You risk harassment from Total Home Exteriors if you call attention to the company’s dishonesty and shoddy work.

Customers Have Accused Them of Being Unprofessional On Yelp

Someone from Total Home Exteriors was scheduled to meet with this individual. However, the firm kept them waiting for 30 minutes past the scheduled start time. And they were only invited to inform the reviewer that Total Home was unable to supply the siding in question.

The critic stresses that the company didn’t even pay attention to the kind of additional work in which they would have been interested. They just let them know that they couldn’t provide the necessary services and cut the meeting short.

Gutter cleaning and other services were also requested by the reviewer. However, nobody paid attention to them.

Bad service to customers should be a major warning sign. This is not how any consumer should be treated. This is why you need to check out a company thoroughly before hiring it. If you don’t, you could end up getting treated badly for no reason.

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Case Concerning Total Home Exteriors, Inc.: Bret v. Higgs

Tim Marchbanks not only treats his customers poorly but also his employees. A worker who was injured on the job in the 2000s filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for medical bills and lost wages. He filed an insurance claim seeking compensation, but Total Home Exteriors Inc. refused to pay.

That’s why they went to court asking for permission to use the Uninsured Employers’ Fund to shoulder the cost. The judge first sided with Total Home Exteriors. However, the ruling of the court of appeals was overturned, and it was decided that Total Home could not assign the liability to the fund.

This lawsuit shows how little concern Tim Marchbanks has for his staff. Reading the countless testimonials from satisfied customers and this lawsuit, it’s clear that Tim is motivated solely by financial gain.

Conclusion: Total Home Exteriors, Inc.

There are too many warning signs to list with this roofing firm. They deceive customers by dishonest methods of doing business, don’t fairly compensate their wounded employees, and treat their customers with disrespect.

All of this points to staying away from Total Home Exteriors as your go-to exterior remodeling company. You ought to look elsewhere for assistance.

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