TowerPoint Capital: Scammer-run Ponzi Scheme

People are drawn to any organization because of the great growth of technology and the improvement of digital infrastructure, which provides an opportunity for young adults to practice and demonstrate their talents. What people in the United States desire is for there to be an organization that will solve problems for recent college grads and that promises to give excellent and enhanced services to the community.

TowerPoint Company is a business that prides itself on being willing to provide its customers with high-quality and innovative technology. In North America, Towerpoint Capital is a corporation that specializes in real estate as well as digital infrastructure.

The company’s headquarters can be found in Atlanta. In spite of the fact that the amount of income earned at TowerPoint is unclear and the company’s competitors are not disclosed, the Company has made available fifty job openings.

What is TowerPoint Capital?

TowerPoint Capital is a digital infrastructure that intends to equip wireless service providers and cell site owners with knowledge that will result in the greatest and highest use of wireless assets. Since the real estate business is its focus, TowerPoint Capital is a digital infrastructure.

TowerPoint Capital is a private sector company that was established in 2007 and is well recognized for providing solutions for the implementation of 5G and 4G technologies across North America. There has been a major increase in the provision of wireless services on land, rooftop sites, and communication towers by the industry.

Due to the fact that it is a digital infrastructure, the pace at which it provides cell tower sites with liquidity and money has stayed expeditious. TowerPoint’s mission is to educate tower owners, site owners, and wireless service providers so that they are equipped with the knowledge necessary to pursue high-use or wireless assets as business opportunities.

Why TowerPoint Capital?

To perform their jobs to the best of their abilities, employees absolutely require a setting that is both pleasant and interesting. Any business that values its employees should make reasonable efforts to improve their working conditions. The open environment at TowerPoint Company, in which everyone is welcome to work and get along with one another, has earned the company a strong reputation.

The fact that management at TowerPoint is reasonably accommodating is one of the primary reasons why the company has such a large number of employees.

The mood at work is relaxed and easygoing, providing a comfortable setting for workers. There is a considerable chance that you will make a respectable amount of money through commission. All of the workers are provided with food on a consistent basis, and they are frequently brought out for drinks. In addition, TowerPoint Company offers support and supplies all of the tools that are necessary for various professions, including salespeople.

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The cell tower corporation does not permit micromanagement and instead encourages employees to collaborate in order to produce a superior end result. The tremendous expansion of the organization has been considerably aided by the collaborative efforts of employees working together. Former workers at TowerPoint have given the company a rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars when asked about aspects such as its culture and values, work-life balance, and career possibilities.

Despite this, a complaint was voiced regarding the restricted opportunities for employees to progress in their careers and receive training. There is also the allegation that there is a lack of office backup, as well as a failure on the part of higher management and firm owners to help the sales force.

Opportunity available in TowerPoint Capital

TowerPoint is committed to providing its clients with technological services, but in addition to this, the company fosters an environment in which young people can begin their careers with no prior experience and eventually advance to positions of responsibility within the organization.

The organization gives its trainees training that is not only instructive but also extensive, and it also informs them of future chances for their careers. Those individuals who have been employed by this company have benefited greatly from their time here, and they have seen the development of the business into a sizable corporation.

In addition, there is a strong backup to the sales team from the in-house deal-closing team, which offers specific and unambiguous directives on investment in order to guarantee that expectations will be met and transactions will be closed. Therefore, the organization has offered a chance for professional advancement, particularly for young individuals who have been active in the management of the company.

According to feedback found on Glassdoor, the remarkable leadership team at TowerPoint Company has checked to ensure that trainees are given situations in which they may effectively exercise their talents and has done so in a real and responsive manner.

On the other hand, on April 26, 2017, a customer with the code 1321156 lodged a complaint about the company’s bad leadership. According to him or her, the TowerPoint Company is managed by site owners who lack education, which leads to inefficiencies in the market. According to the consumer’s complaint, the company’s prices are twenty percent lower than the value of the market.

On the 11th of June 2015, another customer voiced their dissatisfaction with the restricted training opportunities and the lack of opportunities for growth.

Conflicting Payment

The primary reason why so many people look for work is to improve their financial situation. Many potential employees will want to work for a company that has a solid reputation for making payments on time and in full. On the other side, a company that does not provide its employees with adequate payment services is invariably unattractive as an employer.

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TowerPoint has encountered a significant obstacle when it comes to collecting payments, particularly when it comes to offering incentives to salesmen. On October 26th, a claim was brought up by an employee who wished to remain nameless. This employee asserted that the corporation is usually inconsistent when it comes to paying commissions that salespeople receive.

In addition, upper-level managers looked forward to stealing from lower-level salespeople, and as a consequence, this has caused a significant number of salespeople to withdraw from the market. The corporation infrequently collects sufficient evidence before reducing commissions, despite the fact that it does provide reasonable pay.

The management team at TowerPoint Capital

When it comes to making decisions, both short-term and long-term, managers play a very important role in any firm. Managers are always the most important part of a company, and the contribution they make is what ultimately determines whether or not the company is successful. (Shastri & Amor, 2021) It has been shown that businesses that have managers who encourage their staff and provide a direction in which their team may have faith are the ones who achieve the greatest success.

On the other hand, this is not the same as the TowerPoint managers. There have been a lot of allegations leveled against TowerPoint’s management recently. It has been said that the managers of Towerpoint do not cooperate with one another and do not offer adequate support to their sales teams. However, there is no backup help from the office, despite the fact that there are huge chances of earning a good commission.

As a result of the management’s practice of churning individuals, many employees have been compelled to take a turnover, and the company is currently without a single good employee. According to the findings of further research, just 43% of employees are likely to suggest TowerPoint Company to their friends as a place of employment.

The inability of management to provide employees with adequate training is another factor that has prevented TowerPoint Company from achieving its aim. It is always feasible to make good money so long as you have the appropriate sale process, but the management here is always focused on meeting their sales goal. This is despite the fact that it is always possible to make good money. As a direct consequence of this, the sales team does not have adequate support to produce more sales.

Never bite a hand that feeds!

The partnership that Towerpoint Capital has formed with Crown Castle Investment has been extremely beneficial to the company’s expansion. It was common knowledge that the latter committed fraud against new tenants before selling all of the business to Crown Castle.

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Despite the fact that this has resulted in many new investors crying, TowerPoint Capital has seen a significant increase in revenue as a result. However, the San Diego offices carelessly terminated future business relationships with Crown Castle, which resulted in the connection with the American tower becoming irreparably damaged.

The cell phone investment company 

TowerPoint Capital is an investment firm that focuses mostly on the cellular phone industry. The consumer-facing website for the mobile phone provider went live on September 25, 2015, and the business currently has the 355th position out of 1709 in the global telecommunications market. Since then, TowerPoint Capital has been given four ratings, which have been given the following categories: price affordability; diversity of services or goods; customer support; exchange, cancellation, and refund policy.

At this time, a major allegation of fraud is being leveled against the company that invests in mobile phones, and an inquiry is currently being conducted to look into whether or not the corporation has engaged in any fraudulent or deceptive business activities. The company’s poor growth with a rating of 1.7 has been contributed to fraudulent and dishonest business tactics. As a result, many customers are unsatisfied with the company’s products and services.

Why TowerPoint Capital is a Turnoff to many consumers

Any position in a company’s operations that leaves customers with a negligible gain or even a loss is inherently unattractive to them. TowerPoint Capital is well-known for its efforts to encourage individuals to take less cash allotted for cell tower lease in comparison to the market value of these leases. The mobile phone business gives the appearance of assisting clients in the process of creating value for the cell phone tower, but in reality, they end up selling the entire transaction to Crown Castle International.

A significant number of new investors have not seen the profits and partnerships that were promised to them. Prospective clients are strongly urged to steer clear of doing strong business with TowerPoint Capital because the company always offers their services but does not guide them on the proper quote to take.

Customers who do not pay the steep price for the services and assistance they received are subject to threats and harassment from the employees. Many consumers have been severely put off by fraudulent activity and intimidating behavior, and as a result, they have been forced to seek investment opportunities elsewhere.

TowerPoint as a Ponzi scheme

TowerPoint Capital works like a Ponzi plan in that it gets people to sign up for a business deal with them and work as partners. Customers are supposed to put money into the business and then split the profits with cell point investment ( Ponzi schemes always spend the money they get from new customers in fraud. They then use some of the money to pay back their old investors and keep some for themselves.

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Existing investors have a high rate of fraud schemes, but new customers don’t get any goods. TowerPoint Capital tries to sell its customers on a business chance that doesn’t exist and then scams them. Some of the buy-in and shares are used to pay current customers, while the rest are kept for the company’s benefit. Officers are known for making long calls to customers to try to get them to sell things they shouldn’t. This is one of the main reasons why most business partners don’t want to work with TowerPoint Capital.

Is TowerPoint guilty of Theft?

Also, some people still say that TowerPoint Company tried to steal things from Elem School. The land was sold in 2003, and the original owner was paid with the money from the cell tower. Because of its desire for money, the Center for Corporate Governance (CCG) worked with the owner to make papers that gave CCG the right to school property. Four years later, the CCG illegally hung their cell site income through a layer and an SPVI that is now known as TowerPoint Capital and is claiming the school property.

On September 2, 2019, another claim was made that TowerPoint had taken over the land where they had built a tower. There’s no point in trying to find a lawyer, consultant, or service. It is always wrong for a company that says it will work with its customers to manipulate and present events to then take control of small landowners’ money and land.


TowerPoint is a real estate and digital infrastructure that not only provides telecommunication services but also other career opportunities such as training. Towerpoint Company was founded in 2007 and its headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. The real estate company has been said to have poor management that fails to support its salesperson despite providing a platform where people can train and further their careers.

On the other hand, Towerpoint Capital is a cell phone investment company that has been related to a Ponzi scheme. The real estate company is well known for committing fraud against its’ new tenants and trying to convince them to sell their assets. TowerPoint Capital has been accused of misleading consumers who make partnerships with them and later selling all the deals to Castle Crown International Investment Company.

The act of “killing” the agreement with customers has left many frustrated and strong business people who are highly discouraged from partnerships with this organization. As a result, many customers have raised complaints and the company is under investigation.

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