Trailhead Retirement Planning Group Morgan Stanley is Terrible

The Trailhead Retirement Group Morgan Stanley is the worst financial advisory firm you can choose to avoid. They say they care about their customers, but that isn’t true.

The company employs dodgy clauses in the fine print to entice investors into bad contracts. They let themselves make improper recommendations and take advantage of their client’s portfolios with no fear of repercussions.

Ignore the company’s numerous marketing strategies and you’ll find several warning signs if you investigate their terms and conditions. The following analysis will aid you by pointing out the most problematic parts of their disclosures.

About Our Retirement Group at Trailhead

Chicago is home to the headquarters of The Trailhead Retirement Planning Group, a financial advisory organization. You can reach them at (312) 648-3471 or visit 227 W Monroe St Suite 3400 in Chicago, Illinois.

There are three MDs at the helm of the company:

  • Dr. Sean Lannan, FRCP
  • C.F.P., CRPC Dan Hoffmann
  • Bill Eason, FRCP

Erin Haley, William Kramer, Micahel Haynes, Anthony R Severino, and Kenneth R Robson are other integral members of this organization. In addition, they say they can help their customers work towards their ideal future.

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Amongst the numerous services they provide are:

  • Banking
  • Coaching for behavior
  • Preparedness for a Change
  • Strategies for Estate Administration
  • Methods for minimizing taxes
  • Arranging for Social Security
  • Arranging for Coverage

In addition, they say they will help you save for retirement and deal with unforeseen situations. All of this seems appealing on the surface, but it’s all just a facade.

It becomes clear how hollow most of Trailhead Retirement Planning Group’s assertions are when you read the several questionable clauses included in the disclosures.

Challenges Facing Trailhead’s Retirement Advisory Group

Incompetent Management

Investigate the advisor’s credentials before signing on with them. With this method, you will know for sure that they are trustworthy. The easiest method to do this is to look at the wealth advisor’s FINRA BrokerCheck record, where you can learn about their work history and any disciplinary actions taken against them.
When looking into the Trailhead Retirement Planning Group on FINRA BrokerCheck, it can be discovered that a huge dispute on the profile of one of the managing directors. Dan Hoffmann is his name.

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In 2010, Dan was involved in a heated disagreement with a client who claimed Dan had made improper investments in their accounts commencing in August 2006.
They claimed $100,000 in damages but only received $14,250 in compensation.

Dan reacted to the claim by asserting that the settlement was made for business reasons exclusively and that he made no admission of fault. However, being sued for providing inappropriate suggestions is no laughing matter. This means that Dan and his business frequently fail to meet the needs of his customers.

Divestiture of Private Holdings

Commissions on the sale of Trailhead Retirement Planning Group’s investments are how the company makes money. A financial advisor’s recommendations may be skewed if he or she is compensated through commissions from the goods they promote. Commissions are also variable depending on the type of investment. The broker can more easily disregard the client’s needs while dealing with certain securities that pay larger commissions.

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Even if there are better options on the table, financial advisors will sometimes offer the least desirable investment to their customers in exchange for a greater charge.

Additionally, an advisor’s financial advice is restricted when he or she is required to market proprietary products. If the investment doesn’t earn commissions, they have no reason to recommend it. As a result, your financial advisor may steer you away from numerous good investment opportunities because they won’t result in any compensation for him or her.

One major incentive for advisors to recommend inappropriate investments is the possibility of earning money from the sale of their proprietary goods.

Putting Their Customers’ Money to Use

The fact that The Trailhead Retirement Group trades the investments it suggests to its clients is just another negative of dealing with the Trailhead Retirement Planning Group.

In addition, the company can now actually have stakes in the investments it advises its clients to make. Since the firm has a vested interest in trading the advised stocks, there is a high potential for conflicts of interest and financial mismanagement.
One kind of “front-running” would be to make a deal in a security and then advise clients on how they should proceed with similar trades. They might advise their clients to sell an investment they have shorted.

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Many customers don’t realize how immoral it is. They may be completely unaware of how their advisor is utilizing their money to line his own pockets.


You should stay far away from Morgan Stanley’s Trailhead Retirement Planning Group. Its present laws allow it to exploit its clients’ assets, and its leadership has a checkered past.

There is a financial incentive for the company to disregard its customers’ needs in this area, as well. For these and other reasons, I would recommend looking elsewhere and staying away from the Trailhead Retirement Planning Group.

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