Trusii Faces Allegations: Fraud, Impersonation, Perjury, Fake Copyright Takedown


Trusii is a corporation that claims to generate hydrogen-infused water of the highest possible quality for the purpose of promoting overall health and wellness. However, the business has recently come under scrutiny for a number of allegedly fraudulent activities, such as impersonation, perjury, and fake copyright takedowns. These allegations have been made relatively recently. This article will provide a general summary of the investigation that is now being conducted into Trusii as well as a detailed exploration of the allegations that have been made.

Background of Trusii

Jack Taylor, a businessman who had previously competed at the professional level in sports, established Trusii in the year 2016. The company asserts that it can manufacture hydrogen-infused water of a high grade, which can contribute to improved health and well-being. The company Trusii has been marketing its goods as a panacea that may treat a wide range of health conditions, such as inflammation, oxidative stress, and chronic pain.

The Fake DMCA Notices

It would appear that Trusii has a few articles that are not favorable ranking highly on search engines. Due to the fact that the website’s owners did not consent to the removal of the reviews, Trusii decided to take matters into their own hands.

What are they trying to hide?

There were members in the Facebook group who were aware that this was a scam, but they continued to try to finish their questionnaires and post positive evaluations, which, according to Schneider, “was just adding on to bringing in other new people, new victims.” People were still holding out hope that they would receive another check and continued to expect to receive it.

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The Office of the Attorney General in the state of Florida has received over one hundred formal complaints regarding the company. According to a spokesman for the agency, the complaints are undergoing an investigation at the present time.

Angie Barnett, president and chief executive officer of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving Greater Maryland, stated that the company makes “claims of health outcomes that are, in our opinion, questionable if not totally unsubstantiated.”

Participants in the case study who reported to the Better Business Bureau that they did not receive payments on time or that they were delivered damaged devices have also been heard from by the bureau.

Barnett continued by saying that the company’s marketing for providing access “to the most powerful and therapeutic antioxidant-rich water on earth” drew consumers who were looking for a treatment for serious ailments.

“A significant number of persons who are considering purchasing this item already have health problems and are already responsible for paying for medical treatment. They may be looking for this as a way to supplement chronic concerns; nevertheless, this isn’t the only payment they’ve needed to make, and that appeal has been quite cognizant of that fact, as evidenced when you read the complaints,” said Barnett.

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What is a fake DMCA?

If you are one of the “beneficiaries” named in this report and want to know what really happened, we suggest you read the report itself. If it wasn’t you or your coworkers, it must have been the “Reputation” or “SEO” company you hired in the past. It could have been your law firm.

So, instead of blaming us for this piece, you should ask your Reputation/SEO firm a lot of questions to find out what happened. We are just sharing information that is in a public database. We have nothing personal against you. More than likely, the service you paid for used illegal means to get results for you.

Fake Fraudulent DMCA might not seem like a big deal until you are the victim of it. It’s not a joke. This is not a bother at all. This is not a mistake. Criminals plan these fake DMCA cases to go after very specific and very important information or material.

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In the name of Reputation Management, these hit jobs are generally done against the media to help their client hide important information from the public. This costs millions of dollars, and if no one wants to talk about it, we will if no one else does.

Trusii’s Allegations: Impersonation

Trusii has also been said to be pretending to be someone else. The company is said to have used the name of a registered nurse, Kristin Comella, without her approval to promote its products. Comella has been a strong supporter of stem cell therapy, and Trusii is said to have used her name and picture to sell products that have nothing to do with stem cell therapy.

Trusii’s Allegations: Perjury

Also, Trusii has been accused of lying. Someone made a bad review of Trusii’s products on YouTube, so the company sued that person. Trusii said that the person used a screenshot of its website in the movie, which was against its copyright. But the picture was not copyrighted, so the court did not agree with Trusii’s claim. During the lawsuit, Trusii’s CEO, Jack Taylor, is said to have lied under oath when he said that the screenshot was copyrighted content.

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People have also said that Trusii is running a fake copyright takedown effort. The company is said to have used fake DMCA takedown notices to get YouTube to remove negative reviews of its goods. Trusii is said to have filed the warnings under false pretenses, saying that the reviews violated its intellectual property rights. But fair use rules protected the reviews, and Trusii’s claims were not true.

Investigation into Trusii

Several regulatory bodies have taken notice of what they say are Trusii’s false actions. The marketing claims made by the company are being looked into by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC has told Trusii to stop making claims about its goods that aren’t true.

Consumers have also filed a class-action lawsuit against Trusii, saying that the company’s advertising promises are false and deceptive. The lawsuit says that the health perks that Trusii says its products have are not true.


People have said bad things about Trusii for a number of reasons, including impersonation, lying, and fake copyright takedowns. The company has been advertising its goods as a cure-all for cancer and COVID-19, which is against the rules of the Federal Trade Commission.

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