Universal Capital Mortgage Corp: Unveiling Fake Reviews and Unscrupulous Practices

Would you trust a mortgage lender who uses fake reviews to make him or herself seem real? Most likely not. This means that you can’t trust Universal Capital Mortgage Corp because it is trying to trick you with shady business practices.

Many con artists and shady businesses use these kinds of tricks to trick their customers. For example, well-known con artists like Sam Ovens pay blogs to say nice things about them, and businesses like The Fertility Center of Las Vegas pay for fake 5-star reviews.

Fake reviews are not something new. It has been going on for a few years, but if you know who is trying to trick you in this way, you won’t fall for their tricks.

So, I decided to write the review below. It will help you figure out what’s really going on with the Universal Capital Mortgage Corp.

Don Maher: The Serial Con-Artist Behind Universal Capital Mortgage Corporation

Universal Capital Mortgage Corp. is a company in Los Angeles that gives out loans for homes. This business was founded in 2009, and its office is open from 8 am to 5 pm during the week. This company’s CEO is Don Maher. He makes a lot of claims about his experience and says he knows a lot about the loan market and the programs that are out there.

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He also says that he pays a lot of attention to knowing a lot about his products, keeping his clients’ secrets, and dealing with unique property problems. His company says that Don Maher is the most reliable source for home loans in California.

Don says he is the most reliable person in his field, but his company, Universal Capital Mortgage Corporation, says it is the best at making non-warrantable condo loans in California.

So far, Don Maher and Universal Capital Mortgage Corp look like any other California-based loan company. But this company has a lot of red flags that make it a dangerous business.

I’m also not talking about this company’s terrible Facebook page or the strange things it says about its condo loans, like that it is the most recommended lender in all of California.

Don Maher says he is the best lender in California, but data shows that he has nothing to back up his claim. So, in order to get people, he uses illegal and unethical business practices. In the next part of my study of Universal Capital Mortgage Corp, I’ll tell you more about this.

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Using Possibly Fake Reviews On Yelp & Google To Manipulate Clients

Universal Capital Mortgage Corp’s Yelp page is the first sign that they are using fake reviews.

It has one review that gives it 5 stars.

The reviewer just says that Don is number one for non-guaranteed loans and that he made the process the fastest and easiest. But there are no friends or pictures on the page.

7YUVmNSJUt 7KiM6oWuBsoAWG8UAkdU2lOHjqcYV4a8v ZqLkqwvQllPLgCQ4qNIFyuCSXqbKQq4yjMiFMuJIOdpzLsyir1WhXC9TzDv7l54hFFWvIYT 9Zm2JKBeDot8toEmLLX=s0

“Well, who makes friends on Yelp?” you might ask. But its profile says that it has written 20 or more reviews on the site. And there isn’t even a single picture.

This means that the profile is a throwaway account, which is an account you make on a site to do one specific thing and then leave for good. They are short-term accounts that people set up to do one thing. It also lets them keep their anonymity.

So, the only review on Universal Capital Mortgage Corp’s Yelp page is from a fake account that gives it 5 stars and a lot of praise.

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Aside from Yelp, this company’s business page also has some suspicious Google reviews.

Most of these users have only written one review and don’t say why they gave this business five stars. Have you ever made a Google account just to give a business one 5-star review? Most likely not.

This is more proof that Don Maher is trying to sell his claims by making up reviews:

zXkNGbhdAvXFxax8TbpWpDmZi0D4F60oPTy IirQMWVGqv07L HI2A2j5gqpb jV5HixybNTITP9T7iTouzBcCUZQjzHwp o0URhbi5k0BLJR7eijNPMV12iWtiP9 NZTzQOBEPk=s0

By adding fake reviews, companies can make it look like they can be trusted. About 90% of people read reviews before they buy something, so shady companies like Universal Capital Mortgage Corp use fake reviews to get their name out there.


You can’t trust Don Maher or his company, that much is clear. They try to trick customers by putting fake reviews on their business pages to make it look like they offer good services.

A lot of the 5-star reviews don’t say anything about what the experience was like. As I said above, many of them are fake accounts that only say a few nice things about the company so that they can give it 5 stars.

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Watch out for these shady groups.


Don Maher uses various unethical business tactics to promote his business. Hence, it’s very difficult to trust him and his company, Universal Capital Mortgage.

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