Unveiling Kapil Gupta’s Siddha Performance Review 2023 – Is it Worth the Hype?

Who is Kapil Gupta?

Kapil Gupta is now known as an “executive coach” after leaving the field of medicine to provide others guidance on how to live their lives. Kapil Gupta had more than 20 years of experience working in the medical industry. Pathologist Kapil Gupta formerly worked for Atrium Health-Cabarrus, where he was employed over his career.

In 1995, Kapil Gupta received his medical degree with honors from St. George’s University School of Medicine, which is located in Grenada and is a Caribbean medical school. Grenada is in the West Indies. After that, Kapil Gupta completed his internship at West Virginia University, his residency at Vidant Medical Center/East Carolina University, and his fellowship at Ohio State University Hospital.

He is currently working as a physician at Ohio State University Hospital. The states of North Carolina and Ohio have both granted Kapil Gupta a license to practice medicine at this time.

Kapil Gupta most likely thought that generating easy money from giving out life advice would be far more comfortable and need much less effort than working long hours as a doctor for a salary that was probably less than what he makes now from his pricey coaching and products. This is because giving out life advice is something that people do all the time.

Born in India, Kapil Gupta spent his childhood in Toronto, Canada, before moving to Concord, North Carolina, for employment. He currently resides in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, however, he was originally from India.
On August 9, 1969, Kapil Gupta was brought into the world. Kapil Gupta is the father of two kids, Aman Gupta and Abhay Gupta, who both play golf. He is married to Aradhana Patel Gupta, whom he met while they were both attending medical school.

First things first, you need to realize that this isn’t a criticism of his work so much as it is of him and the way he hustles. If you haven’t already been exposed to all of this fundamental information, then his work might be of some use to you.

The fact that this kind of work is done in such a remote setting is the primary reason why some people are so captivated by his work. But what Kapil has done is taken a bunch of work from people like Jed Mckenna, Advaita Vedanta, and ancient Zen masters, mixed it all together, and put it in his own words. This is what makes Kapil’s work unique.

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His website also uses the common marketing tactic of having testimonials (and we all know that testimonials almost always only present the positive side of a situation), thus this is something that is included on his website. Additionally, the number of testimonials that he has posted represents a very small sample size.
But no one really knows for sure if this is true, and it hasn’t been confirmed yet, Kapil asserts that the majority of his customers are members of the most powerful elites in the world.

Kapil Guptal’s own words:
“The ultimate marketing comes from not wanting to sell at all”
-“It’s about recognizing that the thing you’re selling is invaluable and placing any price at all on it is an insult”
-“All marketing is a scam because the people doing it are doing it for the sole purpose of selling”
-“If you have something truly valuable, you won’t have to resort to trying to convince someone to buy it”

Kapil Gupta correctly points out other scams but don’t let it fool you.

Do not be misled by the fact that Kapil Gupta is correct in asserting that the vast majority of other people claiming to be self-help gurus, spiritual gurus, motivational speakers, and the like are all con artists; this should not lead you to believe that he is any different in this regard. The fact that Kapil Gupta has hundreds or thousands of free public lectures does not imply very much by itself. It’s the same as the YouTubers who publish hundreds of free self-help videos but advertise their pricey courses in the descriptions of those films.

The work of Kapil Gupta is a collection of new age repackagings of advaita vedanta, which is a Hindu spiritual practice, as well as the teachings of other Indian spiritual gurus (such as Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Jiddu Krishnamurti, UG Krishnamurti, Osho, etc.) and ancient Chinese and Japanese-style texts that do not give acknowledgment.

Now, the things that Kapil Gupta is saying have not been frequently repeated in the self-help or spiritual sphere; yet, he is still teaching things that other people have taught (not that there is anything wrong with that). And I will even admit that I love the extended audio podcast style of some of his presentations (I’m referring to the hour-long free podcasts with individuals like Moe Abdou, NOT the $500 several-minute-long short recordings), but he could at least give attribution to where it’s due.

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I’m speaking about podcasts that are an hour long and are available for free. The paid content offered by Kapil is simply an expansion of his free content with additional words. If you ever consider paying for it, you should finish reading all of Jed McKenna’s books first (it’s the same information, but you can get it for free or at a reduced cost).

  • Kapil Gupta’s followers think that he has transcended his mind while Kapil constantly shows frustration at questions in Twitter spaces and tells stories about how he gets mad in situations such as when his son came 2nd in a gold tournament when he felt his son was screwed over by a referee.
  • Kapil Gupta’s Twitter following grew marginally after Naval Ravikant did a podcast with him. It seems most of Kapil Gupta’s followers are people who follow Naval and don’t realize that Naval pretty much goes against the very things Kapil Gupta says, as he constantly hands out prescriptions as advice. And at the same time, since a lot of people trust the Naval they seem to also use that as reassurance that Kapil Gupta is legit.
  • If only 22 people on Earth are Serious enough for Truth. And Kapil Gupta has hundreds of devotees pledging him $1000 per month. Then, statistically his premium subscribers are a hopeless lot.
  • Kapil Gupta’s Marketing trick: Teasing is more effective than Promising!
    If you tease an event, then more people will attend than if you promise it. Kapil Gupta’s followers probably believe they are graced with his good mood whenever he does a Q&A.
  • Kapil Gupta renames ‘technique’ to ‘system’ and then admits that techniques/systems work extremely well.
  • If you look through Kapil Gupta’s previous tweets from both his current account and old account you can find that he was spamming his discourses to hundreds of famous people – from Indian actors and actresses to elite Tennis players like Federer and Nadal. He was even asking Tony Robbins to retweet a link to one of his discourses. Why would someone who claims his work isn’t for the masses do all that?
  • There are a few things that are either unverifiable/unfalsifiable and Kapil simply dodges that by claiming people have “truth receptors”

Kapil Gupta’s marketing

In one of his direct statements, Kapil Gupta stated that he does not write headlines that are catchy, yet practically every discourse title seems to be making an effort to be catchy. You can tell from the talks that the poetry style of writing is very superficial, and this is because of how it was written.

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You can also observe how he dressed professionally and took an attractive image to promote his marketing by comparing the two pictures that are provided below. There is nothing inherently wrong with marketing, but as Kapil points out himself, if your product was actually excellent, you wouldn’t need to spend any time trying to persuade people to buy it.

The way in which Kapil Gupta lives

Kapil Gupta does not engage in physical activity, meditation, or even minimal amounts of social interaction.
Now, there is nothing wrong with not doing any of those things, but when added together, it merely adds up to an attitude that is against self-improvement.

“If you are looking to improve your health, why would you want to improve the health of a body that is going to certainly and undeniably die?” asks Kapil Gupta. “Why would you want to improve the health of a body that is going to die?”
I get Kapil’s point, but from where he’s going it sounds like he’s attempting to use it as a coping strategy for the fact that he doesn’t exercise at all. I understand where he’s coming from.

The son of Kapil Gupta has a trainer.

Aman Gupta, son of Kapil, is developing into a respectable young golfer. And Kapil’s supporters quickly conclude, “Oh, that must indicate Kapil’s knowledge “works,” while not recognizing that Aman has his coach, Sean Foley Performance (Priced at $42,000 for non-club members and $25,000 for club members), and that coach was Tiger Woods’s previous coach.

You now have a sense of what happens to Kapil’s money, in case you were curious about that. Aman is working on perfecting his golf swing technique with the help of his $1000/hour instructor. In the meantime, Kapil is trying to recruit new customers for the private discourse. Coincidence?

Kapil has tweeted that a significant portion of the practice of employing “coaches” is, at its core, an attempt to Buy Success. And one cannot purchase something of this nature.
-to achieve the status of a Legend. It is necessary to have two different kinds of protection. safeguarding against the scrutiny of trainers and guides. And defense against one’s own thoughts, views, and perspectives.

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If you want to make more money, rather than trying to obtain a few hundred dollars out of a few hundred or a thousand different people, you could focus on getting a million dollars out of one or two people who are already multi-millionaires or billionaires.

This is a prospective business approach. It is an easy way out for Kapil to say that he is not trying to convince anyone of anything and that he is just stating the truth, but if you look at his previous sites, the attempt to convince is obvious (yes, humans technically can’t be convinced of anything because they have already made up their minds about things, but it is possible to persuade or indoctrinate people who are on the fence for certain things).

Additionally, it can be both convincing and true (you might try to convince someone to grasp a fact by presenting them in a convincing manner). KG is taking the easy way out by claiming that “Money = Sincerity,” which, regardless of whether or not it’s true, may easily be used as an excuse to gain money from his clients.

The majority of self-help gurus follow a business model in which they first sell one product for an exorbitant amount of money, which is marketed towards wealthy people in order to make large sums of money, and then sell other products for a lower amount of money, which are marketed towards the average person who is able to afford it. An example of this business model is Kapil’s six-figure pledges and $500 direct truth podcasts, both of which can be seen.

Even while he claims that it is because it demonstrates a degree of seriousness and sincerity, the fact remains that it is obtaining a significant amount of money from wealthy people. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that there is a hidden agenda here.

After hearing that, it is not unexpected that Kapil is soliciting six-figure donations; he has previously stated that one of his goals in life is to figure out how to get the most out of the least amount of effort. All it takes is just one wealthy individual to promise an amount in the six figures, and Kapil will be set for the next few years.

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