Vito Glazers fakes court order to hide negative reviews

Our review of Vito Glazers is based on the fact that he tried to hide bad reviews and information from the internet by making up a court order, pretending to be a judge, changing his name, and sending Google the fake court order.

RepDigger recently got a couple of ‘court orders’ that looked suspicious. They said that the Second Circuit Courts – Leon County, FL, had said that our review of Vito Glazers on was illegal and offensive. Since our reviews are based on information that is open to the public, there isn’t much chance that someone will sue us. has never been sued successfully anywhere in the world for this reason.

We know a lot about what defamation is and how it works in a trial, which is good. We knew right away that the court order Vito Glazers sent to Google was a fake, especially since RepDigger wasn’t sent any subpoenas, warnings, or requests for representation to find out who wrote it or put that person on notice. Our review of Vito Glazers is very personal because he is a shady businessman who is dumb enough to lie, pretend to be someone else, and commit fraud to protect his image.

About – DMCA warnings by Vito Glazers

Several DMCA complaints are sent by Vito Glazers.

RepDigger put out an analysis of Vito Glazer’s business plan on May 27, 2021. The review, which was written by one of our trusted expert writers, is based on public data and information, such as reviews from other sites that have been put together. Even though we never took the time to check, we can be sure that the review was ranked high enough on Google to make Vito Glazers feel uncomfortable and that it sent a lot of traffic to

Someone on Vito Glazer’s team must have seen the review around August when we first started getting “threats” and “bribe offers” to take the content down from our site. As always, we gently declined the offer and told them that if they had any problems, they should talk to the author directly or post a response on the website, if that was necessary.

By the end of August, we started getting silly DMCA warnings that were meant for this review page. The DMCA notices said that RepDigger had violated Vito Glazes’ copyright by putting his picture and the photo of his girlfriend on the review in question.

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We sent back a counter-notice and changed the supposedly “infringing” images with ones we made ourselves. We tried to find a friendly way to solve this problem by following the rules and acting in good faith. We thought the matter was over, at least.

Before we go any further, please keep in mind the following ideas, which you may find useful as you read the rest of the investigation:

The DMCAs were made by Vito Glazers himself, which can be seen in the above-listed Lumen Database records and on the Google Transparency Reports.

Since we sent a reply notice and got the Review page back on Google Search, Vito Glazers could have gone to a lawyer if he thought the review was really “defamatory” or if he thought should pay him money for copyright violations. Vito Glazers did nothing about it.

Fake Court Orders

Vito Glazers is stepping it up.

On October 9, 2021, Google told us that the Vito Glazers’ review had been removed from the Google Search Index because it was against the law. As we’ve already said, RepDigger reviews are based on data and information that is available to the public. There is very little chance that our users’ comments will be called defamatory.

Vito Glazers Fake Court Order 1

We decided right away to talk to an attorney about what to do about this ex parte court order and how to get the information back on Google Search.

Our lawyer told us that he couldn’t find any record of this court order at the Second Circuit Courts – Leon County, which is where the order was made.

He also told us that the judge who signed the ‘supposed’ court order, Terry Lewis, had retired many years ago. There was no question that his signature was a fake.

Now, please wait. Vito Glazers is a guy you can count on. He is wealthy, well-known, and powerful, and he has a great image as a smart businessman. A person who seems to be responsible and follows the law in a country where making a fake court document is a serious crime.

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Will this be his “Jussie Smollett” moment? We kept wondering as we dug deeper into this event.

Soon after we found out that the court order was fake and that Google had been tricked into thinking it was real so that the judge’s order could be carried out, we changed the URL of the page in the hopes that Google would index it again.

We sent direct emails to Vito Glazers and his law company, which was listed in the court order. We thought they would say they had nothing to do with this crime and, ideally, explain what happened. Maybe they didn’t know about this because they paid a shady, offshore, fly-by-night online reputation management agency to do it for them.

What happened next made us sure of everything.

Send an email to Vito and AndrewsLaw

Regarding the fake court order, neither Vito Glazers nor his lawyer, AndrewsLaw, responded, acknowledged, or argued against it. Not long after we sent this email, the website for Vito Glazer’s lawyer,, was taken down.

When Vito Glazers Review changed its URL, it didn’t take long for it to start ranking again on Google. While we were waiting for Vito Glazers or someone from his team or lawyers to respond to our email, Google told us on November 24, 2021, that they had gotten yet another court order and had taken down the new URL for the review.

Vito Glazer fake

The second fake court order Vito sent to Google was different because people who do these kinds of crimes have no shame and are willing to risk going to jail for a long time to hurt their competitors. How big of a problem this could become on the internet will depend on how well fake people like Vito Glazers do with their fake court order scams.

Our Investigation

Bringing these bogus court orders to light

Again, there is no respect for the law or what will happen if someone does something like this. We were taken aback. Google took down our review of Vito Glazers for the second time because of a fake court document. “This can’t be happening to us,” we said.

We will make sure there are penalties this time. So we looked into this fake court order more, and here’s what we found:

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Honourable Terry P. Lewis was a judge in the Second Circuit Court of Florida. His name was forged twice by Vito Glazers on the fake court orders. Since 1998, he had been in this job. His sentence ended in January 2019, two years before Vito Glazers got these reportedly fake court orders and used them.

In March 2021, Judge Terry Lewis joined the law company Messer Caparello, PA. We’re talking to him and his law company, which is helping us figure out what’s going on.


Since the fake court orders were meant to get Google to take down damaging information about Vito Glazers, we think that either Vito Glazers himself or someone with ties to him is behind this scam. Often, Vito Glazers hires an Online Reputation service that doesn’t stick around for long. In a strange twist, Vito Glazers also runs Glazers Media, a Reputation Management Agency, where he brags about using these same methods to get rid of damaging content online.

For forensic investigators, all they need to do to figure out if the claimed court order is real is look at the meta-tags, document history, and variables in the document. Here are some things to think about:

Potential Consequences

How bad is making fake court documents?

Under Florida Statute 831.01, the crime of Forgery is committed when a person falsifies, changes, fakes, or forges a document that has “legal efficacy” with the intent to hurt or scam another person or organization.

A white-collar crime is making fake paper. It means changing, modifying, or changing a paper to trick someone. It can also involve giving out copies of papers that everyone knows are fake. It is a felony in many places, including Florida, to make a record look different than it is.

Also, under Florida law, “fraud on the court” is when “a party has intentionally set in motion some unconscionable scheme designed to interfere with the judicial system’s ability to fairly decide a matter by improperly influencing the trier of fact or unfairly hindering the presentation of the opposing party’s claim or defense.” Cox v. Burke, 706 So. 2d 43, 46 (Fla. 5th DCA 1998), citing Aoude v. Mobil Oil Corp., 892 F.2d 1115, 1118 (1st Cir. 1989).

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In Florida, Vito Glazers Fake DMCA Scam Forgery is a Third Degree Felony that can lead to up to 5 years in jail, 5 years of probation, and a $5,000 fine.

Under Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code, making a fake court order and a fake Judge’s signature is a Level 1 crime. If a person is found guilty of forgery, a judge can give them probation or up to five years in jail, which is the maximum allowed by law.

What comes next?

Someone needs to take the blame.

Businesses (and men) like Vito Glazers spend a lot of money to manage their online identities for a reason. It works perfectly for them. But it hurts their pride when they can’t fix a bad review, an unpopular opinion, or a piece of bad public information. And for someone as ‘rich’ and ‘powerful’ as Vito Glazers, it’s all about their pride. will do everything in its power to find out who is to blame for this. Here’s what we’re getting ready for –

  • Tell the people in charge of the court that Vito Glazers has cheated them out of money.
  • Tell journalists, media outlets, and other blogs about what we’ve found and how we know it.
  • Telling Judge Terry Lewis that his signatures were fake.
  • Lumen Database is being told.
  • Telling Google Support that they should change their mind about taking our review URL off of Google Search.
  • Getting help from lawyers like Eugene Volokh to stop future attempts to do the same thing.
  • If we decide to sue Vito Glazers, we will talk to a lawyer for advice.
  • Reporting this crime to Florida’s law enforcement, such as the local DA, who might be interested in looking into fake cases like this one.
  • Since Vito Glazers tried so hard to hide something online, it seems right to make sure that this article and our original review of Vito Glazers, including but not limited to user contributions, stay a permanent record for anyone interested in Vito Glazers.

A case that fits the Streisand effect perfectly…

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