Vladimir Gersamia- Fraud, Money Laundering, MMBI

Vladimir Gersamia (aka Vladimer Gersamia) is a criminal involved in money laundering and more illegal activities. Find out more on RepDigger.

Vladimir Gersamia (aka Vladimer Gersamia) is a fraudulent trader who has relied on various illegal activities to steal from users and traders.

Now, his team of marketers are promoting him as a trading expert when in reality, he is nothing more than a con artist and a scammer.

The following review will take a deep look at the shady activities of Vladimir Gersamia and how he was involved in money laundering through MMBI.

Who is Vladimer Gersamia?

Vladimir Gersamia was born in Georgia and moved to the Netherlands in 1992. Vladimir was a history and economics student and was brought up in a well-reputed family. His parents were doctors. 

After working as an economist Research Analyst in emerging markets Vladimir moved to FMCG sector( Fast Moving Good Sector). He became a product specialist in retail food companies and also established strong relationships with suppliers from South America and created local supply chains and logistics channels for efficient import, local retail, and occasional re-export in Eastern Europe.

At the end of 2020, he set up his own business in the wholesale trade of food products in the name of MMBI trading.

About MMBI

Vladimir Gersamia

MMBI trading is a leading trader of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) primarily trading in Eastern Europe and the Middle East regions. They organize wholesale export and delivery of key food and consumer goods staples from across the world.

The team of dedicated professionals provides comprehensive solutions to clients, including product sourcing, logistics, customs clearance, and overall trade strategy implementation and support.

MMBI is involved in trading wholesale fruits and vegetables, wholesale meat and meat products, wholesale dairy products, eggs, and edible oils and fats. Wholesale beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Wholesale sugar, chocolates, coffee tea cocoa, spices, and also fish products. Wholesale of ceramic and cleaning products as well. 

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In an interview with Vladimir Gersamia, he mentioned that “ MMBI was able to leverage its relationships with suppliers, customers, and banking partners so that all its goods were delivered and paid for on time. In the current context, this is a huge achievement,”

He further mentioned that “ MMBI opened offices and hired staff in Almaty, Baku, Dubai, and Istanbul with fully furnished offices which are now fully operational, providing a solid base for expansion and high-quality service for customers.”

Partners in Crime- Vladimir Gersamia and Georgy Urumov

Vladimir Gersamia

Motivated by greed Vladimer Gersamia and Uromuv went about committing frauds involving eye-watering sums of money using a vast sum of sophisticated methods.

George Urumov aged 37 and Vladimir Gersamia aged 33, were the two London traders who carried out the fraudulent activities on an international level and were convicted of conspiring to defraud a Russian bank of more than 141M pounds in a series of complex scams

They were found guilty of multiple offenses after a four-month trial at Southwark Crown Court.

A third person named Alessandro Gherzi aged 37 also involved in the series of fraud committed was acquitted of two counts of conspiracy to defraud and two counts of conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Detailing the Numerous Crimes Committed by Vladimir Gersamia

The first part of the fraud was carried out in 2011 when Uumov joined Otkritie Securities ltd (OSL) and manipulated the company to pay him a handsome amount of $25M as a sign-on fee under the false impression that it would be distributed to others also joining the company.

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When Otkritie had wanted to expand its first trading operation in London, Urumov came up with this signing fee plan to fill his own pocket.

In this particular course of events, Urumov held on to the vast majority of the money.

He then traded financial products called Argentinian warrants and fooled the company into purchasing the warrants from other conspirators at a cost equal to four times their value and pocketed the difference.

He further transferred the gains to bank accounts out of the UK

The main part played by Vladimir Gersamia who was an employee of the investment management company Threadneedle Asset Management, was to cover up the frauds being committed by Uromuv.

Urumov who was once highly regarded in the city had run a five-strong income trading team at Knight capital and earned a handsome amount of 800000 euros a year with a strongly confirmed and guaranteed package of 2M Euros over two years.

By manipulating the trade in the financial products in this way the defendants stood to gain in excess of a further $15M.

The money made was then moved across the globe to various countries like Switzerland, the Caribbean, and eastern Europe in an effort to cover up its origin.

A ransom amount of 19M Euros was further purchased to cover up the funds. 

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These acts of money laundering were so shameful that once detective Superintendent maria Woodall that these men were figures in their industry who defrauded their employees of a vast sum of money. 

Yulia Balk and Alessandro Gherzi were found not guilty.

Uromuv’s Trading Team (More Details on The Crimes of Vladimir Gersamia)

When Otkritie was willing to expand its operations for trade to generate a mass income in London, Urumov came up with this plan of signing a fee to eventually fill his own pockets.

The bank eventually agreed to $25m, to be split between the five members of Urumov’s trading team. However, the court heard that Urumov “kept the lion’s share”, more than $20m, for himself. 

A huge amount of money was used by Urumov’s wife to spend on their personal luxuries like buying a house worth 19M Euros.

Once quotes by a senior detective that “ Urumov who was once highly regarded in the city had run a five-strong income trading team at Knight capital and earned a handsome amount of 800000 euros a year with a strongly confirmed and guaranteed package of 2M Euros over two years.”

Avoid Vladimir Gersamia

Money laundering and fraud lead to a bad reputation for the company and also the employees working for that particular company leading to unemployment.

Money laundering harms financial sector institutions critical to economic growth. 

Money laundering and fraud promote crimes and corruption in society which further slows the economic growth of the company and also further the country-specific which in hand decreases the productivity in the real sector economy.

Costs for dealing with fraud against government programs are important and go well beyond direct financial loss. 

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They can include assessment, detection, investigation, and response costs as well as potential restitution. In addition, further costs can include program reviews and audits, and retrofitting or redesigning programs. After effects of tax fraud can be tax revenue loss which may cause serious damage to the proper performance of the public sector, threatening its capacity to finance public expenditure.

Tax fraud and Money Laundering has the tradition of eroding the financial institutions and weakening the financial sectors’ role in economic growth. It has the habit of facilitating corruption, crime, and other illegal activities at the expense of countries’ development and can increase the risk of macroeconomic instability. Further can affect society adversely in numerous ways.

For example like suppose the money earned through money laundering is invested in the real estate sector, in buying properties or vehicles, or other things, then such activity can originate an artificial demand in the market, thereby inflating the value of the product. 

Hence money laundering and tax fraud lower the reputation of a specific company and further lead to the downfall of economic growth thus encouraging an increment in employment rate, depressing the financial condition of the officials associated with the company, and also impacting the economic growth of the company on a domestic and international level.

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Vladimir Gersamia is a fraudster who was involved in a large money laundering operation. Avoid dealing with this criminal and any of this illegal entities.

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  1. )He was well-specialized in product management and was helping the company in the best way to make it the most successful company thus providing all his energy and honesty for FMCG.

  2. His efforts to make the company’s relationship with South America were well-designed and also executed with full force to enhance the business.

  3. His company MMBI trading is a wholesale trader in food products and thus has completed the setup of his company. His dedication to the company FMCG provided a lot of profit for them and made a profit to the company totaling millions of dollars.

  4. His company was making a profit in many ways and with many products. If we compare the services with the FMGC then we will find that the company is making several beneficial services to provide their customers with the best deals.

  5. The company is making special deals in fruits and vegetables even though they are producing products related to ceramic and cleaning products.

  6. The company is expanding at full speed and hiring people all over the world and providing their customers with the best quality services and progressing.

  7. Telling my personal experience the company is perfectly selling the products and making their customers satisfied with the services.

  8. The fraud they did after producing fake financial products and then selling them four times the actual cost. The banks were helping them to make the money out of the accounts and to transfer them away from the UK.

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