Vladimir Grigoryants Accused of Abuse and Negligence

People say that Vladimir Grigoryants is known as “Mr. Nose Job of Glendale.” Don’t be fooled by what you read online! Because of what he did to my nose, I feel abused, hurt, and sad every single day. What’s done can’t be taken back. Every day, the physical and emotional pain and heartache tell me that I made a bad choice when I went to this doctor for my nose. He is a good salesman and advocate of himself, but a terrible, terrible doctor. Many people have died because of him. This doctor must not know what “less is more” means because he messed up my nose so badly that I can’t even leave my house.

Since he did my surgery, I can’t breathe through my nose. It is just disgusting how he tries to put everything wrong with his nose on something outside of himself, like an allergy, a swollen nose, or something else.

Before he did what he did to my nose, I was pretty and my nose worked fine. I feel violated that he did this to me and other people and still has a license and works on people.

A doctor like this, who makes money at the cost of his patients’ health, has no place in our society.

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He seems to care only about selling himself to get clients and improving his public image, even if it hurts the health of many of his patients.

He has made people sign NDAs that take away their rights in exchange for keeping quiet.

I guess he doesn’t want the public to know that he’s made a mistake, which is why he’s making everyone keep quiet.

Dr. Grigoryants must not know that a law called the Consumer Fairness Act was passed that makes this kind of thing illegal. I put it down below and urge anyone who has been a victim to speak up.

The Consumer Review Fairness Act was passed by Congress unanimously to protect people’s right to say what they think about a business’s goods, services, or behavior in any setting. Some companies had been using parts of their contracts, like their online terms and conditions, to threaten to sue customers or charge them money if they posted bad reviews or complaints. The new law says that you can’t do that.

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Up until May 24, 2018, he had Google reviews from 8–9 years ago, but they have been removed for unknown reasons.

BTW, “Google user” was the name on all of the Google reviews.

These good reviews with five stars went away from Google in one day.

Why did all of these reviews disappear in one day if they were all written by real patients? Why did they all have the name “Google user”?

This shows that the 5-star reviews shouldn’t be taken seriously and that only one person could have written them.

As a patient and a consumer, I feel it is my job to tell my story and warn other consumers about this kind of bad behavior.

If you look at the good reviews, you’ll notice that the people who wrote the good reviews feel the need to talk about the bad reviews. Think about it: if you had a good experience with someone or a successful surgery, would you feel the need to respond to their bad reviews or call them vindictive, jealous, and other names?

There were a lot of bad reviews about this doctor, but they have all been taken down or hidden deep in Google so that they can’t be found.

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Who would take the time to write a bad review if they hadn’t been hurt or had a bad experience? Not only has Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants done a bad job with rhinoplasty, but he has also hurt a lot of his patients. Some of his patients had to go through a lot of surgery to fix their faces. There are several Instagram pages about the people he hurt. This has been done to shed light on this doctor and let people know what he or she is like.

He told one of his patients that she will get part of her money back if she deletes her post. This person wanted a change so badly that she removed her post. Vladimir Grigoryants erased all of their emails after she deleted her post and told her he won’t be giving her a return.

Patients and customers need to know the truth, and deleting negative reviews and doing whatever it takes to keep a 5-star rating is not an honest or ethical way to run a business.

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Sad to say, but other plastic surgeons know about this doctor, and when they hear his name, they laugh. Who would have closed down Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants’ office if he had a little pride?

Grigoryants is a Quack!

He never takes responsibility for his gross carelessness and incompetence, and Dr. Grigoryants calls the many patients who had bad experiences with him “competitors, jealous, perfection-seeking people, or they are all the same person.”

As a consumer, you need and deserve to know the truth so that you can weigh the pros and cons of your choice. Yes, there are risks with surgery, but this doctor has hurt and crippled people, and you deserve to know the truth. These hurt people should be given a fair chance to tell their stories, but Dr. Grigoryants does everything he can to get rid of these bad stories, which is an insult to these poor people whose lives were ruined because they chose the wrong surgery.

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