VXL Dollar – Crypto Scam involving Spanish Royals

VXL Dollar is a major crypto scam operating in Europe and Middle East. The criminal gang is scamming thousands of victims in an elaborate scam, similar to OneCoin scam.

Introducing New Scam Coin – VXLD aka VXL Dollar

I know very well the scammers behind this criminal network, because I myself was scammed by them of more than 175 BTC. I’m now waiting to start criminal proceedings against them in Europe and Dubai.

These scammers is based in Marbella, Malaga – a province in Spain. They are now very active in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and also visit Monaco and Ibiza.

After 3-4 years of inactivity, they have resumed their criminal activities by developing around 10 websites on several new domain names. Even though their most important websites were deleted, I have kept all records, data and investigation reports, to be used by my lawyers in the court.

These scammers are stuck with the brand “VXL

The main Ponzi scheme began in 2017-2018 when they scammed their first 2 investors. The main project was the creation of an offshore bank, in Sao Tome and Principe, the smallest African country. The reason was, that in the company they promoted as investment there was in the board Francisco de Borbón y Escasany, cousin of the King Carlo I of Spain, and his son, Francisco de Borbon von Handerberg, son of a princess and stakeholder of the biggest car deal in Germany with over 1 billion sales per year. Plus, another guy, Swedish, Reza Ebrat, and recently another friend of them since child age, Mr. Bijan Burnard, very active now in the webdesign of some of their websites like vxl.network, before deleted and since few days back at work.

DO Not Invest with VXL Dollar

Please be very careful, and DO NOT INVEST ANY MONEY in this stable coin. You will lose your money, guaranteed ! Basically they do not target via exchange or web their victims, but usually face to face in meetings, especially in parties in Marbella and Puerto Banus in Spain, Malaga area, where they spend most of the time, partying and trying to catch tourists or old people and try to convince to invest in one of their nets.

1. VXLD and VXL Dollar are a scam and fraud scheme organized in Spain by Francisco de Borbon von Handerberg, Reza Ebrat, Bijan Burnard and Francisco de Borbon y escasany (Duke of Seville) some of them are of the Royal Family of Spain, and precisely the cousins of the King Carlos I that left Spain for Dubai for many years, and now back in Madrid.

The website is ANONYMOUS, no Team showed, but there was before, I will upload the photos.

2. They stated in February to have 2 billions USD in Gold as collateral, magically after few days become 4 billions in Nickel! Very rich guys… yes, but all fake. All the documents are fake, like is fake the contracts they have signed to peoples scammed by them and never paid back. All these documents are at lawyer office and at the court of Malaga, Spain.

3. They opened 10 websites, most of them are deleted.

1. www.scgtrust.com was like the “license” for all their vxl network.

Unfortunately, I investigate with authorities and in Liechtenstein they made a warning about the fact that this trust not only was not licensed, but even not real. Now DELETED.

2. www.ib-ex.com, a fake digital bank offering 36% interest per year, if you was giving them 500.000$. Now DELETED

3. www.ariousgold.com fake gold business of the Duke of Seville, of the team of this scam network. Now DELETED

4. www.bancovxl.com and www.vxlbank.com a 4 year scam project still under construction. This is the bank, never licensed, that should be the owner of VXL Dollar, or 4 billions nickel assets… or collateral. The founder, always theoretically, of this bank is Francisco de Borbon, the son of the cousin of the king of Spain Carlos I. The bank state to have 250-500 employees, in the fake descriptions of CrunchBase. Now DELETED

All the people invested with them, or better, was scammed by them, never received back the amount invested.

They are full of debts, and many peoples looking for them to get money back.

In just few years, when the court will decide, probably they will go jailed and/or bankrupt.

Be aware! But I think you are. Their main target is not well informed peoples, but face to face scam.
Usually they are seen in Marbella-PuenteRomano every day, spending up to 50.000$ in a single day in parties.

VXLD is a scam

There is no license, no legal company behind, no financial accounts, no bank accounts, no financial reports, no TAX Paid, just money laundering and criminal activity by these people.

Don’t believe to them “everything is going well, wait other 3-6 months”, will become years like families destroyed by them, are animals, they do not even think to little children, there are family left by them with no money that didn’t had the money for food and medical assistance. There are the worse scammers you can find in your life.

Waiting 3-4 years? First of all if you invest today in a real business, you do not exit in 1 month, so the scam scheme organized to fraud us was initially at 3 years, end of 2021, when we start to be suspicious and ask money back because we understood that was a scam scheme, a fraud, they promised to return in end of 2019 money but never happened, they start to hide, says that they will pay after 1 month, then 3, 6, etc till we went with lawyers. 

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About VXL “company”, the one of the “VXLD” stable coin doesn’t exist. They just choose the country of Sao Tome and Principe to scam people, because there nobody answer, even the central bank doesn’t have a website working, or email or phones where they answer. That’s why they even edited at some point in wikipedia the list of banks, that are 8, adding “Banco Vxl” as 9th bank licensed. Not true.

We know well how this people are acting, they have nothing to lose, and I repeat, they will not fool informed people in crypto world, but they just need websites and design to put smoke on the eyes of less informed investors when they meet face to face. I was lucky to get an answer from Linkedin from somebody of the central bank, that said to me that never this bank was created nor licensed.

VXL is rattled by our investigation

https://vxl.network/partners/index.html after my post, the scammers deleted the content from the “Partners” page.

VXL Dollar

The partners page was including till few days ago: 


direct partnership with Royal Family of Spain, Government of Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Monaco and Prince Albert foundation, Yatch Club Montecarlo, F1 Montercarlo, AS Basket Montecarlo and so on.

This group, now directed from Nice province from Bijan Burnard is quite “obsessed” with the money of the neighbors in Montecarlo/Monaco, Lamborghini, Roll Royces and Ferrari. Just check the show off in the Instagram account of her wife Alina Burnard in IG: Alina.Burnard that recently posted also an advertising in stories about VXL Dollar. She was warned about the scam network and the job of his husband and the peoples connected to him, his husband was warned, but they continue to invest lots of money in web design and socials to continue with their fraud and Ponzi scheme with the colleagues and partners in crime in Marbella, Spain.

VXL Dollar

Their previous website “SCG TRUST” deleted and warned by the FMA in Liechtenstein (see below), had similar structure, they was publishing partnerships with all the authorities of rich countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and more. I contacted all of them and this is an example of answer, then they deleted everything.

VXL Dollar Review

This is one of the answer of the Authority of Abu Dhabi, then they acted against them to ask removal:

VXL Dollar Complaint

This group of peoples have a lot of contacts of rich people and they just hide behind them. But not all the rich or ex rich people have a clean past.

Who is Thomas Kramer?

I will write late of how they convinced Thomas Kramer (https://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/thomas-kramers-south-beach-story-ends-with-200-million-court-judgment-6392215), a friend of this scam circle, to promote in his website about the absolute fantastic network of SCG Trust and Banco VXL (the first doesn’t exist, and website deleted, and the second still under construction, no license and no working).

Thomas Kramer website:   https://alphabetauniversal.com/

Page promoting his friends:

VXL Dollar Complaint

and via Linkedin with fake informations and licenses that didn’t exist.

Thomas Kramer

page with “team” including his friend Bijan Burnard


Here is one of several messages by Thomas Kramer confirming to have deleted all the connection and relationship with his friends, because other people reported all what we see in the proofs I show plus what I know in my first person because scammed:

Tomas Kramer

Thomas Kramer removed almost immediately Bijan Burnard from his website and Linkedin.

Again, I have to show to you the previous white-paper of VXL Dollar, when they write, a part of the fake license with FINCEN for their business, that they have banks for VXL Dollar in Taiwan, the unique they accepted the crypto business. But the funny part is that VXL Dollar is owned by VXL BANK or Banco VXL, they they state is active sin 2018 and a leading bank. Unfortunately till today 17 July, www.vxlbank.com is under construction and every week they change templates and looking which kind of script and webmaster in the web will make to them the fake-banking pages, to give smoke on the eyes of victims).

Who is Bijan Burnard?

The scammer, Bijan Burnard, start to call me all the day to my number with a private number.
I had one call with him in the past weeks where he confirmed that would stop the job with his partners in crime, but, after few weeks he started again and more aggressively. 

After 2 days, he understood that private number doesn’t work anymore here. I pleased him to call me from real numbers, or writing email or text. He did today.

Here one of his message from a phone of his mother, Louise Burnard. 

Bijan Burnard

Bijan Burnard

In the mean while, even the government of Monaco, and Prince Albert foundation, sent an email taking distance of this fraud attempt and asked to contact the police of Monaco to report such activity of Bijan Burnard running vxl.network together with his partners in crime, Francisco de Borbon father and son, Reza Ebrat.

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VXL Dollar Fraud

As by Government of Monaco tip, I will contact the police of Monaco to collaborate even with them to report this Ponzi scheme. At the moment I’m collaborating with the police of Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Abu Dhabi and now Monaco.

VXL Scam in Dubai

The scammers removed the “partners” page after the contact with all the “partners” and some of them was not aware like happened in the past of such facts, plus the Prince Albert Foundation of Monaco asked and forwarded the material to the Police of Monaco that now is informed and investigating.

proof at 23 july 2022: 

VXL Dollar Evidence

Continuing to build with webmasters vxl bank website copying the story and text from “Revolut” fintech history.

1. Check https://vxlbank.com/?page_id=14989 . Here is an archived proof for the future: https://archive.ph/m3lkG

VXL Dollar Report

2016: 15.000.000$ fund raising, and 100.000 personal accounts!
2017: 66.000000$ fund raising, and they even was a crypto trading bank for EEA.
2018: Bank of license granted by Lithuania, 250.000.000$ additional funding 
2019: Expansion in Australia and Singapore
2020: Launch in Japan and USA. And Poland! SERIE D for additional 580.000.000$ financing.
14.5 million of customers, and today they state to have 18.000.000 customers.

In August, there were more developments regarding VXL Scam in Dubai –

1. We found other people in UAE that was going to get scammed.
    At the moment only in Dubai-AbuDhabi we saved over 14.000.000$ from attempted scam

2. We found other 3 individuals involved in their network, and the head in recent attempted scams operations remain people
    connected and or directed by Mr. Bijan Burnard. 
    – Christophe Legrand
    – John Fred Kennedy
    – Mohammad Ali Zandi Goharizzi    

3. Crypto community probably protested with Twitter and Instagram, and they removed their 2 profiles with hundreds of posts.
here the proofs:

VXL Dollar Instagram

Please report to Facebook and LinkedIn their page so they will evaluate the high risk of scam attempt of these peoples.

    we are asking the removal from Ico Holder of the attempt to show to be a legit crypto project
    ICO HOLDER didn’t the due diligence about these peoples, to don’t say to any of their fake or non existent companies.

5. After the warning of FMA in Liechtenstein these peoples continue to move in the financial world moving our capitals.

6. Financial Market Authority of Austria and Luxembourg was alerted of some movements and high risk money laundering.

7. The main heads of the scam, Francisco de Borbon and Reza Ebrat moved around 4.000.000$ in Luxembourg special vehicles

8. In order to buy a stake in an Austrian bank, Wiener PrivatBank, this stake was probably sold by one of the owners Gunter Kebler and his holding company K 5 Beteiligungs GmbH.    

Here the proof: 

VXL Dollar Bank

Furthermore, the J&O Forest Fund company mentioned in the documents we know to who is or was linked to another friend of their circle ( Markus Olvestad, Swedish ) that knew exactly what these people is doing as business and helped them probably to launder the money. All this was passed to police and authorities for investigation. Everything will come soon at an answer we believe in the authorities.

8. After the abuse of logos, names, fake partnerships with Monaco government, Royal Family of Spain, Prince Albert of Monaco etc (already deleted from their other website VXL), we reported again VxlDollar website, and it is under investigation, other abuse of logos, partnership and trading names of Dubai and Abu Dhabi authorities. All the authorities are contacted on the matter and also the police of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We wait now they act. 

On 22nd August, the website of John Fred Kennedy was deleted this weekend

Proof in webarchive and here:  

John Fred Kennedy VXL Dollar

VXL Dollar website changed removing in the fake certificates the name of Mohammed Ali Zandi Goharizzi

Here something about him: 

About 400.000.000$ Gold scam scandal, Royal Family of Dubai and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

And here’s more –

VXL Dollar Partners

The link point to www.casareal.es

They added again a big logo, now we are talking of “Casa Real” the Royal House of Spain, in few words they are stating that the King of Spain Felipe Vi is a partner of this scam network.

We took steps to inform the Royal House of what is going on.

On 23rd August 2022, we found out more updates in this matter.

ICOHOLDER a good name in the industry, removed finally VXL DOLLAR scam ICO after they review all the proofs of the scam network.


VXL Dollar ICOHolder

VXL Scam continues to operate

In September, there were a lot of new developments to my investigation –

The scammer network continue to build, new accounts and new domains. The continue with force to add, add and add new material, new names, new domains, new instagram account, to try to reach their goal, confuse their victim, and hit them.

These are the latest websites found and proof of Francisco de Borbon and Alina Burnard even following them, another proof of the circle network working on every fake website, account, together, and or laundering the money of the scam victims.

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The scammer network doesn’t stop a day, every day continue to create and delete content with a brutal force to continue in their intention to scam their victims using the name of Royal Family of Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Monaco, Government of Spain, UAE, Monaco, Central Banks affiliations and more.

BLOCK PAY – Blockpay.xyz
1. Proof of the creation now of the domain and name, blockpay.xyz

Blockpay.xyz VXL Dollar

New instagram account: 

2. Proof of followers of blockpay.xyz

Alina Burnard

We found finally the instagram of another partner of the scam network: 

Christophe Legrand proof here: 

Bijan Burnard VXL Dollar

we will give this to authorities (Of Dubai) for contact him seen that is not possible to contact any other way.

Lattice Labs and Bijan Burnard are closely connected with VXL Scam:

New Instagram account: 
Bijian Burnard add in CrunchBase that now has to do with new names:



Lattice Labs Scam

Bijan Burnard VXL Dollar

Lattice labs doesn’t exist yet, but from Crunchbase we see that they choose lattice.network as domain
The scheme is the same of the previous 15+ websites on CrunchBase, Instagram, Web, Files etc.
Just to create a domain or instagram or Crunchbase profile, and give 11-50 employees to show like it something licit to the targeted victims. In the case of Vxl Bank and Vxl Payments we had fake numbers up to 250 employees.

LPAY.com has the domain active, and Bijan Burnard promote it with the same slogan now on at least 10 domains, instagram and more. “The ultimate wallet for the web 3.0”. Unfortunately this website point to a Korean company that doesn’t seem to have nothing to do with the scam network, the domain lpay.com is just a redirect.

51-200 fake employees for Lattice.network 

Lattice Labs Scam

We will continue to investigate and track every step of the scam organization. Many central banks, Financial Market Authorities and Police of many countries are reading this, and soon with international cooperation we will secure and protect investors and we will proceed against this network. In Italy they would call already an association  mafia-like association. I just remember that in Spain an individual was sentenced to 9 years of jail for a scam of less of 100.000 euro acting to be in the management of Apple.

The use of Royal Family names, Governments, Central Banks, Princes, Kings, Sheiks and being part of royal family as stated by the same scammers, will be much higher responsibility and intention to scam using the power of the name to convince the investor to enter in the circle of such organizations and families.

More on VXL Payment Scam:

Update of changes to the other scam website: www.vxlpayment.com  VXL PAYMENT SCAM 

The scheme is always the same. From the board of responsible director, shareholders etc magically disappear always the same names, or the Royal Family of Spain. 

This was the board page in the internet archive snapshots:

VXL Dollar

This is the board page today:

VXL Dollar Directors

Magically the names of Francisco de Borbon and Bijan Burnard are deleted.
The name of Francisco de Borbon is still visible in other pages, and on internet on many snapshots.
For example here even at the date of today: 
image proof in case of deletion:  

VXL Dollar Services

Their activity, false claim and scam.
here they show the clients implemented, we are speaking of Zara, Wish, Gucci, Mattel, Samsung, Benetton, Prada, Puma,
Air Europa, Sears and other very very big names. The fraud scheme is the same, to target a poor victim that could believe to. It’s just a fake website.

proof here: https://vxlpayment.com/processing/

Image proof: 

VXL Dollar Clients

Again after the show the “client results” after they used VXL.
We are speaking in this table of just a selection of customers for over 13.5 billions in sale transacted through their imaginary hong kong company business.
Here the proof: 

VXL Dollar Scammers

Again they continue below they state to be partner of 24 Solutions AB, a company, Swedish, now with website down, under investigation, before, from snapshots, it’s very visible that they was stating to be partner of Certitrade AB, while from fake financial documents showed to investors  was stated to be even a shareholder and owner of Certitrade AB, always in Sweden.

Image proof: 

VXL Dollar Fraud

We are in contact to all the party to prosecute also this website and fraudulent activity of the same scam organization now active more on crypto Vxl Dollar and the offshore Bank – Vxl Bank.

More on VXL Bank Scam:


I talked about the VXL BANK scam, ex owner of VXL DOLLAR, then magically moved as ownership to various person or even to the royal family of Spain as stated by the scammers.

Script where they run the bank is here: https://cyberbank.cmsmasters.net/light/. You can do the same with just 69$ here: 

VXL Dollar Theme

This is all the infrastructure after millions dollars of investors funds.

In the past few days, VXL BANK website (still under constructions with the million pages wants to create to fraud with imaginary services the targeted victims), changed at the bottom of the page this informations:

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1. VXL Bank SA  is an authorized EMI agent working under PAA Capital SE  license (Nr. 05730848) and supervised by  the Central Bank of the Czech Republic  for the distribution and redemption of electronic money.

2. VXL Bank S.A. is a financial institution supervised by the Central Bank of the Sao Tome and Principe.

proof here: 

VXL Dollar Proof

In few words: VXL Bank website is stating to be supervised by the Central Bank of Sao Tome and Principe, without state which kind of institution it is, a license, nothing. Also visiting the central bank website it is not possible to find any information, while in wikipedia more times they edit the list of banks in Sao Tome adding “Vxl Bank” as a BANK.

Website of the central bank of Sao Tome: https://bcstp.st/

Again, VXL BANK put a partnership with the PAA CAPITAL SE that is a small e  money license issued by the central bank of Czech Republic. As a small license we double the central bank of Czech Republic is aware of such use of their license to help a shady institution from the smallest African country with its history of a fraud scheme, to get access to European Union to give an illusion to European investors of a licit business, a legal business.

So we have to talk now about who is PAA CAPITAL SE https://paacapital.com/
PAA CAPITAL was already added in the partners of many websites of the scam network,
from vxl.network when was a page with logos and links to partners, to SCG fake trust, up to VXL DOLLAR stable coin.

Here the proof of some snapshot: 

VXL Dollar CTO

Contacting PAA CAPITAL, the CEO, informed us that he is not aware of such partnership and asked the removal of all that informations from the network of scammers.

Conclusions: VXL BANK or is stating a fake partnership again with PAA CAPITAL to take advantage and abusing of their name and license to harm investors thinking to have a legal structure, a legal business, a real business in Europe promoting everything from banking to insurance, to crypto, investments, deposits and so on, and not its past as we know of scammers, or it is collaborating really for some reason with them opening to a new scenario of responsibilities of the European licensed firm in helping to launder the money or other illicit business.

We tried to contact the CEO of PAA CAPITAL but unfortunately he changed his numbers and he is not answering to emails.

If so, we will have to contact all the authorities to get an alarm on what is going. 

Soon we will update! Many authorities are already informed and are coordinate reading the set of files we sent them.

——————– —————— —————-

After the authorities are reading and investigating:

www.vxlbank.com has deleted the statements to be a bank licensed in Sao Tome, removed! 
Here the proof of today:

VXL Bank

Here the proof till yesterday:

PAA Capital SE

The central bank of Sao Tome reacted.

We are waiting now the Central Bank of Czech Republic to stop the criminal and act against the scam organized by the Royal Family of Spain and PAA CAPITAL SE, using with authorization or not, a license, that should not be anymore valid because under liquidation.

However the acts and intentions of the criminals activity is very clear to the sun light.

We are always waiting that the FMA act against the money laundering.

VXL.Network shut down after our Exposé

They shut down vxl.network ( VXL NETWORK )
here the proof of how it is like now, with removal of all the fake partners and name of staff

VXL Network

They also removed from VXL DOLLAR website, all the fake (dozen) affiliations to government of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Royal House of Spain ( Casareal.es ) , Security Commission of Abu Dhabi, Governments and Central banks.

here the proof of how it is now:  


It is missing now just the Central Bank of the Czech Republic and PAA CAPITAL. After that we will go again on VXL DOLLAR on other files we found and fake claims Also we are going to shut down on all the exchanges VXLD token running just with fake trades (BOTs)

VXL Bank scam restarted in Europe

VXL BANK website ADD AGAIN (in few hours) to be licensed and supervised from the Central Bank of Sao Tome  (as financial institution, without mention as “bank” . While we investigated again on website of the Central Bank of Czech Republic and the EMI license mentioned of PAA CAPITAL is under liquidation, not supervised and licensed anymore, only monitoring the liabilities of previous business. This have a date of December 2021, that would make again a desperate act of the scammer network to use all their
contacts to achieve their goal to target victims of their frauds showing a license with a Central Bank, in this case

Czech Republic and “EMI” as promoted at the bottom of vxlbank.com homepage.

Again this is a false claim.

here the proof:  

VXL Dollar
2Expert Score
Beware. VXL Dollar is a SCAM !

VXLD and VXL Dollar are a scam and fraud scheme organized in Spain by Francisco de Borbon von Handerberg, Reza Ebrat and Bijan Burnard

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