Whisky Cask Company – A Scam by Alexander Johnson?

If you are interested in whisky investments, you might have come across Whisky Cask Company. However, before you trust them and invest your hard-earned money with them, it would be best to go through the following review. 

The people behind this firm have a shady past and you should know about it. 

Furthermore, Whisky Cask Company is a sketchy company itself. Its website doesn’t share any information about the firm and keeps everything hidden. 

There’s a lot to uncover and the following review will help:

About Whisky Cask Company: 

Whisky Cask Company is an alcohol investment company in London, England. Their office address is Unit 2, 113 Mount St, London W1K 2TX, UK and their contact number is 208720-6989. 

The company claims to be a sale facilitator for the Malt Whisky Company, who fill the casks. 

According to the company, they mature the casks for at least 3 years. After this period, you can sell them on the market for a profit. 

How much profit can you expect? 

Well, according to Whisky Cask Company, you can get returns of up to 12% per year. They claim their offered investments are a “Sure-Fire Investment for the Future”. 

Also, they claim that investing in whisky gives you increased financial security as the products cannot “go bust” like others do. 

Certainly, these are some pretty bold claims. However, before you trust them, you should know about the people behind this company, who maintain a lot of secrecy. The next section of this Whisky Cask Company review will give you a better idea of the people behind this sketchy project:

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Who are the People Behind Whisky Cask Company?

According to the company’s incorporation documents, the founder of Whisky Cask Company is Alexander Johnson who owns the firm completely.

Alexander Johnson is also 95% owner of the notorious crypto project, Viderium. His bio says he is the “CEO and Chairman” of Annadale Group, an investment firm with interests in media, finance, food & beverages, and real estate. 

However, there is no proof of Annandale Group’s existence. According to its website, the company’s name is Annandale Investment Group Limited. However, no company with this name exists anywhere. 

When I checked OpenCorporates and Companies House, I didn’t find any firm with the name “Annandale Investment Group”. 

Furthermore, their website doesn’t provide any corporate registration number. 

The CEO of Viderium is Ross Archer who is also the Head of Operations at Whisky Cask Company. Both Alexander and Ross were involved in the notorious cryptocurrency scam of Viderium. 

When Alexander Johnson Scammed the Investors of Viderium:

Apart from running Whisky Cask Company, the founder of this firm ran Viderium, a notorious crypto firm which took millions from gullible investors.

Viderium issued cryptocurrency bonds in 2018 and raised around £4 million through them. According to their report, they invested £940,000 of those funds in crypto mining machines. 

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They deployed those machines in Latvia, Rotterdam and Riga in summer 2018. 

The company claimed that until the cryptocurrency crash of late 2018, they were generating $10,000 in revenue every day. This meant they claimed to generate around £2.7 million per year, their target revenue for the first year. 

However, the company blamed the cryptocurrency market crash. They claimed their revenue shrank to $1,000 a day. 

Although Viderium had signed up investors for a 3-year term, the market’s recovery 6 months after the crash didn’t save them at all. 

Viderium even hired out its director to other companies but it didn’t generate enough revenue for the firm. 

What’s worse is the company didn’t keep the £3 million in reserve. In 2019, the company convinced its investors to defer their interest to the end of the term. Then, the firm filed for voluntary liquidation in March 2020 which led to Viderium Security Trustee appointing Administrators. 

The company valued the £940,000 as ‘nil’ on its Statement of Affairs. Apparently, most of their mining equipment was in a shipping container in Latvia. 

They turned off those mining machines when it became apparent that they cost more to run than the revenue they generated .The administrators hired Axia, an independent valuation agent who said the mining equipment was obsolete. 

Alexander’s company only owned the sum total of £25 at the time it filed for voluntary liquidation. The only people who lost anything were the investors. They had invested £4 million+ into Alexander Johnson’s project and didn’t see any returns. 

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Before Whisky Cask Company, Alexander’s cryptocurrency venture caused its investors to lose 99% of their funds. 

Is Whisky Cask Company A Safe Investment?

Although Whisky Cask Company claims that the investment they offer gives you enhanced financial security, the truth is, an investment in any commodity (such as whisky) is inherently high risk. 

Like all commodities, whisky’s prices fluctuate. 

Both Whisky Cask Company and the Malt Whisky Company know that whisky matures as it ages. They kept this fact in mind when determining the price they would offer the investors. 

Unless you are a highly experienced whisky dealing professional, you should hire a professional whisky valuer to analyse and determine the value of their casks. 

For example, when you go to buy a house as an investment, you don’t trust the seller’s estate agent’s valuation right away. No, you hire a valuer of your own.

Similarly, if you’re interested in investing in Whisky Cask Company, you should get a valuer. 

However, the history of the people running this company isn’t very inspiring. Both of them were involved in a multi-million cryptocurrency scam

You should note that if you invest with Whisky Cask Company and they fail to fulfil their end of the deal, you wouldn’t be able to blame them. Why? Because it’s an inherent risk of working with such a small company. In that case, you would lose all the funds you invested with them. 

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To determine if Alexander’s firm would be able to fulfil its end of the bargain, you must perform professional due diligence into them. 

Furthermore, visiting their office or talking to one of their representatives is not due diligence. For that, you would need to conduct professional and independent verification. 


After going through the above points, it’s obvious that Whisky Cask Company is not as reliable as it claims to be. The people behind this firm were involved in a multi-million cryptocurrency scam where they promised good returns as well. 

It’s extremely difficult to trust their claims when you look at their history. 

Note that this article does not give any financial advice. I have only shared publicly available data and widely accepted investment principles. 

Furthermore, you should note that Whisky Cask Company is selling a commodity investment. Such investments are high risk and are only suitable for investors with considerable portfolios.

Only invest with Whisky Cask Company if you are willing to lose 100% of your investment. 

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Whisky Cask Company is a scam by Alexander Johnson. He has a history of running investment scams and this is no exception. Invest only if you are interested in losing your investment.

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  • Leadership has a history of running investment scams
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  • Deceptive marketing
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