Wilson Luna’s Fraudulent Business Strategies

Who Is Wilson Luna?

To escape the negative press around him and his companies, Wilson Luna changed his name to Wilson Robert Luna. He has made false claims regarding his background, education, and professional experience.

How bad could it get? YES!!! He has bullied the young and helpless members of his staff and exploited his clientele. He manipulates customers, distorts reality, and keeps people dependent on his ‘advice’ through the use of highly effective NLP techniques. People have broken up, lost their businesses, and lost tens of thousands of dollars after taking the advice of a con artist. It has helped some people, but those people typically started with strong business acumen and had access to external, one-on-one mentors or coaches. His theories have been appropriated by others without proper attribution.

A business trainer named Clinton Swaine has acknowledged that Wilson stole his clients and content 5 years ago to launch his own “boot camps.” Wilson has stolen, bastardized, and plagiarized the work of anyone who could help him financially. Many people, including Tony Robbins, Brendan Burchard, and Wayne Dwyer, have been quoted without ever receiving credit.

With the help of his wife and former gatekeeper and a group of well-intentioned but misguided volunteers, Wilson Luna managed his business on a shoestring. Members of the crew sacrificed their own time to be in his company, in the hopes of gaining business advice tailored specifically to them. This was unusual, and when it did occur, it was frequently muddled or manipulative.

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History and Background

Wilson Robert Luna was a salesman for financial services including insurance and retirement plans who believed in himself and his ability to manifest his dreams despite a lack of formal training or experience. Indeed, he fulfilled that role.

Despite his lack of experience with or familiarity with the top ASIA PAC CEO he claimed to assist, he nonetheless fabricated complex tales to bolster his reputation. Even about his money, he lied. He first said he had three businesses worth more than $1 billion by the time he was 35, but later revised his claim to 40.

He was always confident in his greatness and his ability to produce riches by advising small business owners, who are frequently the most financially vulnerable people in society. After the GFC, he found out, small business owners were having a hard time and were looking for advice and answers. He boasted to everybody who would listen that he would never have to work another day in his life since this company would be his legacy.

He was confident in his ability to fulfill his pledge to produce 100 millionaires in one year and 10 million millionaires in ten years. Yes, he truly thought this, and he probably still does even though hundreds of individuals have just abandoned his tiny company “cult” due to his dishonest practices.

Perhaps you think he has business sense? He did find business success, and he eventually founded a multimillion-dollar company—but it was his financially astute, crafty, and money-obsessed wife who ran the show and made all the money. His 2IC was a trustworthy secret keeper who orchestrated the entire affair like a well-tuned machine. Small business owners, some of whom could barely afford the training, carried the load. He used NLP and hypnosis on them repeatedly, and they kept coming back for more. Customers were like junkies who kept coming back for more of the same inspirational “business advice.”

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Modus Operandi

People’s lives were made very difficult by their socialization to value financial success over comfort and even family. Many people’s fundamental values were challenged by this, and some struggled greatly as a result, feeling inadequate since their innate capacity for love and compassion was being exploited against their will. We were being conditioned to believe that money was more important than our humanity.

His advertising evolved in response to the demographics of his subscriber base. His first “Multimillion-Dollar Bootcamps” were aimed at entrepreneurs who were just starting but had big dreams of making a difference with their products and services. He began calling his seminars, which he felt he “created,” “The Spirit of Wealth,” after his longstanding lover and successful role model, the “spiritual guru” Sidra Jafri. Clinton Swaine was the one who passed on his knowledge to Sidra Jafri and Wilson Luna.

Wilson Robert Luna is a complete and utter fabrication. Name, credentials, experience, “penthouse” in London, “home” in Mayfair, multimillion-dollar businesses, way of life, travel, wealthy “friends,” vacations, the timing of marriage breakup, “affairs,” (which he uses NLP to seduce clients/victims).

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How bad can things get?

Yes, he still has a few foolish clients he has ‘love bombed’ and manipulated that he intends to take over. Some individuals think he can help them make a lot of money if they only “pitch” him and give him a big chunk of their company. Even though he has never independently verified the billion-dollar threshold, some people still believe it. Like Richard Branson, he promises to help his mentees become wealthy if they allow him to serve as their mentor. Wilson Luna is not as well-known or successful in business as Richard Branson is.

Wilson Robert Luna’s clients are all severely hypnotized people he has either physically or financially deceived. Some of his customers are weak, helpless, or morally corrupt, but even they worship him. They have faith in the worth of their education. They don’t appear bothered by his dishonesty. You may see their point of view if his dishonesty was merely a qualifier or overstated narrative. They forget that they benefited from being brainwashed against their will, at the price of those who were less able to fight back. Someday, I think Wilson’s supporters will realize what a manipulative and self-serving person Wilson Luna is, and they’ll be shocked and appalled.

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Many people, including myself, think he’s a charismatic psychopath rather than a narcissist.

Wilson Luna, the so-called “magician of the martial world,” should be avoided at all costs.

I should have some archive references, but they’re packed away in boxes because I was in Europe (now Canada) ten years ago. Whatever I uncover, I’ll gladly send it your way (but I can’t promise when). Please let me know if your time is limited.

Be diligent in your study.

Do some research on “high control group” theories. He makes it seem like a cult and a vast “family.” While not a religious practice, emphasis is placed on “The House of Luna” in place of God. His plan might look a lot like this one.

Beware Of Wilson Luna

There must be a reluctance to speak up. That’s the vibe he gives off. Instill a sense of dread and use more cuss words than I’ve ever heard in a live performance.

Check out Analaura Luna as well. You could (probably) legally hide things there.

You’ve probably noticed that the posts here are several years old. Have you stopped updating this site? His Facebook tribal page might be found at https://www.facebook.com/Lunagroup/. At the time, the beehive was the only place where you could have access to something like that.

Do everything it takes to capture this satanic scumbag.

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