Yetnikoff Law Offices PLLC: Alleged Incompetence and Shady Behavior

Isidore Yetnikoff, also known as Attorney Izzy Yetnikoff, was a complete and utter waste of my time and money. Izzy Yetnikoff, a lawyer with a checkered record in New York, has set up shop in Arizona in the hopes of taking advantage of those who don’t know about his checkered past there.

Yetnikoff Law Office

His workplace is a mess, and his law degrees from Canada and New York are dubious at best. He probably had a lot of issues back East and moved to Arizona to start over. Sometimes I have to remind him of something multiple times before he remembers it. When I tried to engage him in conversation, he seemed preoccupied with other thoughts.

If any of this is mentioned, he gets offended and generally comes across as more of a pushy irritating “New Yorker” than a native Arizonan. He took months to resolve my case and offered me a laughable payment for my accident.

When I phoned Isidor’s office on random weekdays, he was either closed, I was sent to voicemail, or he was out of the office. In the two years, I worked with them, there was a LOT of staff turnover. On one occasion, I drove across town to meet with him because I hadn’t been able to reach him for a while, only to arrive at the meeting location to find the office dark and locked.

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There was no rationale or explanation left on my voicemail. I don’t understand why they didn’t just call or email to reschedule the appointment. I almost drove to his house at 6833 East ACOMA Drive, Scottsdale, Arizona 85254, to confront him and demand to know the truth. Unfortunately, Izzy had already taken my retainer (I received a discount by paying his required costs in whole and in cash) and there was no way for me to get it back.

My Yetnikoff Experience

It was difficult, if not impossible, to have any sort of meaningful conversation with him or his team. I had to keep phoning to find out what was going on. Unless I specifically requested, I was never informed of the status of my case. When I did get a hold of them, it was never with positive news.

I had no idea that he had talked to them or that anything was going on when they’d say things like, “Two weeks ago when we spoke with the other insurance company (blah blah blah),” etc.

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Keep in mind that Izzy is very cooperative…… at first. He was quick to reply and pleasant, and that was the swindle.

After cheerfully accepting my initial retainer, he promptly went to sleep on my case and missed all of the deadlines. Representing myself required me to perform all the legwork and follow-up. Even though I thought I had a solid case, Izzy pressured me into signing a settlement and dismissal agreement. When the invoices start rolling in and you bring up the topic of fees and hours, his phony politeness and genuine desire for payment swiftly fade away.

Didn’t bother to investigate my case thoroughly or make any further effort on my behalf, but still took my money for a lackluster defense.

He talks quite nicely to entice you to join up, but that’s about the extent of his charm. Izzy refused to give a refund because he did not complete the work for which he was paid.

Isidore Yetnikoff, also known as Izzy Yetnikoff, is an inherently slothful idiot who will do whatever is EASIEST and MOST PROFITABLE for him, regardless of the consequences to you or your case. You are continually threatened with losing your status as a client if you don’t do what he says. You will be out the money for these charges by that point. There’s nothing you can do to stop Izzy, and it’s driving you crazy! Complete and utter waste of my time and money!

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Don’t ignore what I’m saying here or you’ll regret it.

The short, bald, and chubby guy has a chip on his shoulder about anything you can think of. This condition is commonly referred to as “short man syndrome.” It’s the arrogance that comes from a lack of self-confidence and intellectual, legal, and business ability. He probably makes up for it by driving a lifted pickup truck.

Predictably arrogant, Izzy refused to accept his error when he misfiled paperwork related to my case. My dad was a mechanic, and he never got paid if he failed to fix what the customer had hired him to fix. Izzy will use whatever means necessary to get money from you, and he will either make up lame explanations or simply not respond.

At first, I tried to be polite and work out the problem with Izzy in a businesslike manner, but he stopped returning my calls and I eventually became tired of leaving messages. I’m a nice person who tried to be patient to save money, but I just couldn’t work with this bumbling idiot.

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The resolution of my case took a quarter as long with the second attorney I hired and paid, although he worked quite quickly.

If I were you, I would reevaluate your decision to hire the unskilled and egotistical Izzy Yetnikoff and his chaotic law firm.


I plan on informing the Better Business Bureau, Channel 3, The Rip Off Report, ABC15’s “Let Joe Know,” The Phoenix New Times, CBS 5 Investigates, and anybody else I can think of about Izzy’s shady business practices. I’m willing to make an effort to defend honest, hardworking non-Muslims. I would like to caution others to avoid Izzy and his terrible office since I cannot afford to pay them for their incompetence and the nearly nothing they accomplished for me. A truly terrible ordeal.

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