“Yield 4 Finance: The Fraudulent Scheme of Sanjeev Chadha – 2023 Update: The Fraudulent Scheme of Sanjeev Chadha – 2023 Update

Yield 4 Finance asserts that it is a financial company operating out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

On the other hand, they have been informed of allegations of fraud. Customers of Yield 4 Finance allege that the company is involved in a BG SBLC scam.

The Prism Tower in Dubai is home to their office, which can be found at Business Bay Suite 2903-2902 in that city. In a similar vein, you can reach them at this number: 971-4570-6231.

Because of the overwhelming amount of complaints lodged against this company, I felt compelled to notify both other businesses and individual customers.

You should read through the following reviews if you are thinking about doing business with Yield 4 Finance. It is in your best interest to do so.

They will provide you with some insight into what it is like to collaborate with them.

Yield 4 Finance Reviews: What People Say

I was able to locate a lengthy criticism leveled against Yield 4 Finance online.

When the reviewer contacted the company, they allegedly received a draft for MT760 to evaluate. This is stated in the complaint.

The beneficiary, the bank that issued the draft, and the bank that advised the beneficiary were all stated on the draft.

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At that point, the reviewer had no reason to doubt anything that was presented. However, the reviewer was not satisfied with the mention of the issuing bank that Yields 4 Finance Dubai provided.

Therefore, they requested that the Dubai company switch the issuing bank on the document. Yield 4 Finance reached a consensus.

They assured us that the modifications will be included in the final contract.

After that, the finance company mailed an invoice to the reviewer, requesting payment for the services rendered. The payment for a Standby Letter of Credit was submitted by the reviewer.

Things went in a different direction, though, once the reviewer transferred the money.

The contract that they ultimately settled on did not include the advising or issuing banks that they had previously agreed upon.

Yield 4 Finance had previously utilized an unrated bank known as Coris Bank International as their issuing bank.

Unrated banks are financial institutions that have assets that are either insignificant or nonexistent. These types of claims do not have the resources to support the Letters of Credit that they provide.

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As a result, the reviewer was unable to receive the SLoC funding.

Yield 4 Finance did not take any action in response to the complaints made by the reviewer. They would not issue a refund, and the reviewer is left with nothing but an ineffective banknote as a result.

People Sanjeev Chada’s Fraud

Here, I have shared an online discussion about Yield 4 Finance. 

An email that a user received from this company and shared with the community. This email from the provider of financial services states that they may give standby letters of credit, demand guarantees, bank guarantees, performance guarantees, and letters of credit at sight.

In addition, the company specifies in the email that they would first ask for your documentation and then send a draft copy of the instrument for you to evaluate. This is something that will take place in the order described.

After that, they will request payment before continuing with the process.

About Yield Group of Companies: Trade Finance Solution Provider

Although the company claims to help businesses receive millions in funding, it doesn’t share any information on its leadership. 

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This is rather odd. 

They only mention a bunch of names and share no pictures. Usually, a company providing customers with millions in funding would want to instill trust by maintaining transparency. 

But Yield 4 Finance doesn’t share any valuable information on its team. 

According to their website, the Chairman of Yield Group of Companies is Sanjeev Chadha. 

The website doesn’t share any information on his education or professional background. It only praises his skills and claims he visits each branch of the firm regularly. 

There are plenty of shady companies operating this way. 

For example, Greenfield Advisory is another suspicious “finance” company that fails to share any valuable information on its ownership. 

According to the website of Yield 4 Finance, other notable people in the company are: 

  • Mohit Chadha (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Vipul Chadha (Managing Director)
  • Javela Macalalad (Vice President)
  • Aastha Sehgal (Director)
  • Alfred Jara Ibanez (Director)

Unlike the Chairman, there is ample information available on the CEO of this company. 

According to the LinkedIn profile of Mohit Chadha, he resides in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India:

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Unlike the Chairman, there is ample information available on the CEO of this company. 

According to the LinkedIn profile of Mohit Chadha, he resides in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India:

Are You Able to Rely on Yield 4 Finance in Dubai?
There is no way you can put your faith in this company.

The company does not provide any evidence of the financial operations it does. It does not publish any photographs of the individuals who are responsible for running the company.

There are a number of financial con jobs in Dubai. You need to exercise utmost caution around them.

For instance, Ismagil Shangareev is a Russian con artist who operates many of his fraudulent schemes in Dubai, where he preys on local residents.

Another example is OmegaPro, which is a cryptocurrency scam that is hosting events in Dubai despite the fact that the company has been blacklisted by numerous financial agencies.

Dealing with Yield 4 Finance is not something you should do.

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