Zuckerman Plastic Surgery Scandal

New York is home to Zuckerman Plastic Surgery. This practice has been under Dr. Joshua Zuckerman’s direction for some time. He has gained recent notoriety for messing up surgeries and making his patients’ life more challenging than it already was.

If he makes a mistake during surgery, you can’t hold him responsible because it says on his website that he doesn’t take responsibility for his procedures. This evaluation of Zuckerman Plastic Surgery will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to schedule a consultation with the practice.

About Dr. Joshua Zuckerman, FACS

Dr. Joshua Zuckerman is in charge of operations at the facility. The address of this medical center is 800A Fifth Avenue, Suite 101, New York, New York 10065, USA.

Dr. Joshua Zuckerman has extensive experience in facial, breast, and body cosmetic surgery. He is skilled in a wide variety of plastic surgery techniques, including liposuction, stomach tuck, breast augmentation, facelift, and eyelid surgery.

Dr. Zuckerman boasts of his extensive professional experience and his expertise in several cosmetic surgeries, but he refuses to accept responsibility for the outcomes of his work.

On his website, he includes a disclaimer stating that he cannot be held liable for the outcome of the procedure.

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With this brief caveat, he absolves himself of the responsibility that would normally fall upon a surgeon. If Dr. Zuckerman leaves you with scars for life or botches the treatment, you have no legal recourse against him. If you choose to undergo surgery under his care, you are bound by these terms.

Furthermore, they do not guarantee any of the information presented on their site. According to another disclaimer on Joshua’s site, you cannot hold them liable for any claims they make that turn out to be untrue.

It’s another story if, following this assessment, his team decides to take these disclaimers down from their website.

The numerous disclaimers allow him to operate his clinic without fear of legal ramifications despite having ruined so many people’s lives. You may see how many individuals are currently in pain because they trusted Zuckerman with their plastic surgery needs by reading his Yelp reviews (and others).

Bad liposuction resulted in painful scar tissue, but Dr. Zuckerman refused to address the problem.

This woman had liposuction performed by Dr. Joshua, who botched it. She claims that Dr. Joshua is easily irritated and that when she reported experiencing considerable pain following the treatment, he dismissed her concerns as inconvenient.

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The reviewer had scar tissue and wanted to have it removed, but Joshua was against it. Moreover, he simply promised to repair the “dog ears” that he had previously stapled together.

The critic claims he did a terrible job. She tried to tell him that she preferred a lower incision, but he didn’t pay attention. He botched the liposuction procedure, too.

Negative Review, Implant Failure, and Narcissism

This individual has had two procedures performed by Zuckerman Plastic Surgery and now needs revisions for both. They tried switching implant providers, but that only made their problems worse at first. After a year of denial, Joshua finally admitted that one of his implants had started to bottom out.

The reviewer’s online complaint was the impetus for his eventual admission of guilt. However, in exchange for removing the comment, he offered to correct the errors for $10,000.

The reviewer sought advice from specialists, who found fault with Joshua’s measurements and closure. They further emphasize that Dr. Zuckerman rushed through the operation since he had to go skiing within an hour after the surgery.

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As their belly button began to protrude, Joshua assured them he would take care of the problem. In any case, he never did.

Cotton balls and surgical tape were used by the reviewer to secure the reviewer’s belly button.

The Thigh Procedure Costing $12,000 Left a Huge Bulge

The reviewer had signed a contract for the treatment for $11,000. On the original price of $12,000, Dr. Joshua offered a $1,000 discount. The critic points out that while Zuckerman Plastic Surgery advertises a price range of $9,000 to $12,000, the actual cost of the surgery is always $12,000.

The reviewer had also requested that Dr. Joshua conduct a small lipo procedure on their thigh to correct a previous operation. They had inquired as to the expense of the little liposuction, but Joshua had assured them it would be no more than a few hundred dollars.

He did not provide a pricing range for that assessment.

The appraiser was presented with a charge of $12,000. The reviewer claims that telling them the fee upfront would have been the bare minimum that Joshua could have done.

The mini lipo procedure also left them with an excruciatingly uncomfortable thigh bulge. In the follow-up appointments with the patients, Dr. Zuckerman mentioned that the edema that caused the bulge will eventually subside. That’s not the case.

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The bulge has not diminished at all after seven weeks.

A lot of people have issues with Zuckerman Plastic Surgery. Here are a few more examples:

Tummy tuck and breast augmentation for $21,000

Liposuction has gone wrong, buttocks dented, and $25,000 later

I’m relieved I didn’t get Zuckerman’

Rippling in the breasts, abdomen, and hips; a protruding belly button

Dr. Joshua Zuckerman’s Mole Excision Left a Painful Wound

Conclusion: Zuckerman Plastic Surgery Review

Zuckerman Plastic Surgery is a terrible medical facility. The surgeon is incompetent, and the staff doesn’t seem to care about their patients.

In addition, patients complain about the poor quality of the facility’s follow-up care. No way could it be a good medical facility for a New York resident. That’s why it’s so important to study surgeons carefully. Without reading these comments, you might not realize how unreliable he is.

Find a new doctor, since Dr. Joshua Zuckerman isn’t the one you can put your faith in.

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